When we think about purpose, rarely do we think of interruptions, disruptions, inconveniences or discomfort. Being able to withstand the turbulence in your journey to fulfilling purpose is what allows you to see the light that is always in the tunnel, not just at the end of it. Saying yes to your purpose is saying yes to the joy it brings as much as everything else that would make you want to quit. The gains and the rewards are wrapped in your ability to pay the full price for all that it’s worth. Purpose is the thing on the inside of you that distinguishes you everyone else. Here are some ways to navigate through disruptions on your journey to accomplish the very thing that makes you unique from the masses.

1. Move from Interest to Commitment

I have realized it is not enough to talk about how much we want to make a difference in the world if we cannot commit to do whatever the process requires. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable, to handle opposition, to fail, to deal with negative self-talk, doubts, to get out of old patterns of thinking and put fear where it belongs (out of the driver’s seat of your life). This will give you access to personal victories, allowing you to effect change in the world around you. You will get through whatever you face if your sense of commitment remains stronger than the opposition or controversy you face. When you are committed to something, you pay the price and you take risks. At the end of the day you have nothing to lose when the goal is to win something that already has your name engraved on it. Commit yourself to your purpose and stay committed. People who indicate interest in doing something do not change the world. It is the people that commit to do what they are interested in doing that end up making a difference.

2. Find Opportunities in Disappointments

Disappointment is one of the most difficult disruptions we face in life. People say they will do things and they end up not doing them, we give our best shot at something and get rejected, or we plan to have things accomplished within a certain time frame and it ends up not happening. Disappointment simply happens wherever there are unmet expectations; whether from people or life circumstances. How we handle it determines how our lives are affected by it. I know the last thing to think of when we face disappointment is opportunities. But the truth is, opportunities really do exist within our pain. As the famous saying goes “pain gives meaning to purpose.” You may learn a lesson that you could not have learned any other way. It could be the platform to grow or improve on yourself like you have always wanted to.

3. Never Hesitate To Get Help

We live in a world that focuses so much on the self. On almost every platform, it is not uncommon for us to hear phrases like, “do you,” “be yourself,” “It’s about you,” “make yourself happy,” etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing you or being yourself. In fact, the best gift you can ever give yourself is being unapologetically you. But there has to be a healthy balance. Usually, saying yes to our purpose is for the sake of impacting other people’s lives and making this world a safe haven for all. If everything is centered around you and how you want to feel, you will hardly ever see others transformed by your life. Because no one has all the answers, it is essential to invite others to come alongside you in your journey to fulfilling purpose, be it through your work or relationships. You can hire a coach, get a mentor or leverage the relationships you already have. Do whatever you can to get the help you need. You will go farther and faster with the right kind of help accessible.

4. Don’t Be Hard Yourself

We have a tendency to be gracious to others more than we are gracious to ourselves. Life is not meant to be that way. It is not the end of the world if you did not meet your target goal within the anticipated time frame. Give yourself a chance by paying attention to the things you have done well. Instead of looking out for one hundred things that went wrong with a project or event, look for two things that you have done well and one thing you could improve on. Usually, the one practical change we make in our lives ends up making a stellar difference in everything else. Beating yourself down is a type of distraction that would interfere with your creativity and hinder you from making the necessary changes. Remember, your self worth is not in your work.

By Favour Ikome | booking@favourikome.com

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