The World Changer Challenge is a Global Motivational Event that will spark a worldwide movement of inspiration for thousands of people around the globe. 

January 1st-3rd 2022

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What is the World Changer Challenge?


Prepare a short 10-15 minute motivational message on camera and submit the video to the World Changer Challenge event for inclusion during the event. At the end of your motivational speech video, challenge someone to submit a video too or donate.

Then, tune-in to the event from anywhere in the world on Jan 6th-8th, 2021 and enjoy motivational messages from over 100 guest motivators online!


The fundraising phenomenon asks those willing to share a message of hope to challenge others to do the same within 24 hours. If they don’t, they must make a donation of $10 to We Motivate People Magazine’s fundraiser campaign. Each person who participates nominates more friends, who nominates more friends, who nominates still more friends.


We aim to bring viral awareness to the importance of personal development and motivation. Being motivated means an improvement of self-confidence and self-discipline so that we can reward ourselves for reaching goals, and challenge ourselves to stretch beyond our perceived limits. The proceeds will fund The National MS Society, Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Peggie Adams.


Join the movement to bring viral awareness to the importance of personal development and motivation. As you know, being motivated means an improvement of self-confidence and self-discipline that will result in goals being reached, dreams being realized, and stretching ourselves beyond perceived limits.  

Want to motivate the world and become part of a global movement? Want to help and watch others achieve their dreams?

Then you  need to register to attend this event.


From daring beginnings to new heights, the World Changer Challenge is taking the globe by storm. Dominated by exuberant entrepreneurship and open-handed opportunity, this movement is giving all World Changers the chance to leap into the realm of personal development, speaking, coaching and marketing. Its concept is to extend a helping hand while initiating a positive change on the world.



Want to become a guest motivator at the event and reach a larger audience? Inspire people today by giving value at the world changer challenge event on Jan 6th-8th, 2021.


Our passion to motivate the masses guarantees this will be an event to remember. We invite you to play a pivotal role in this inspirational event as a backer.

100+ Guest Speakers

There is potential in each and every one of us and it takes a world changer to empower and inspire someone to make a positive change. By using the collective experience of life coaches, the World Changer Challenge (WCC) will be the spark that ignites a multitude.

Anthony Trucks

Motivational Speaker

Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Athlete Development, Coaching, Sales.

Bob Kittridge

Empowerment Mentor

Bob utilizes discovery coaching to uncover and assassinate limiting beliefs, empowering my clients to obtain reliable, predicatable and repeatable results in line with their passion.

Dave Clemons

Chief Energizing officer

Honored as recipient of multiple leadership awards for building effective relationships and delivering results on high profile projects.

Michele Vaughn

Speaker and Author

Elaine Jacob

Motivational Speaker

Elaine Jacob believes that Peak Performance and Productivity not only becomes possible but also become the new status quo.

Kathy Amos

Motivational Speaker

A visionary with a heart and passion to see cities and lives transformed through the power of God's word along with teaching, coaching and training people to achieve their goals, dreams and visions.

Kyle Stephens

Achievement Strategist

Kyle's 20 plus years of experience at both starting and growing profitable businesses have given him insight as to what it takes to be successfully in business.

Manny Nowak

Exec. Business Coach

Helping organizations to build relationships that generate business. To build a successful business, you need a sales process that is effective and creates business.

Matt De La Cruz

Success Developer

Matt has over 25 years of experience in sales, management, leadership and personal development. He has trained close to a million people throughout the world.

Paul Garwood

Youth Mentor

His mission is to help our students achieve their goals by providing programs designed to help them overcome their obstacles and navigate towards building a successful and measurable plan.

Tamarra Robinson

Mentor Facilitator

My mission is to encourage women to re-discover their voice, make courageous choices, and to boldly take charge of their lives and careers one DARE at a Time!

Stephanie Nickolich

Success Strategist

One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017" –Huffington Post Stephanie Nickolich has garnered worldwide media attention being featured by Fast Magazine, ABC, Fox and CEO World.