Why People Give Up


So honestly I can not act like or pretend to be an expert in these things but life lessons, studying, starting your own and everything I have a little to share.

So about a week ago a very humble close buddy asked me this crucial question. Why do people give up especially on their early stages of starting something. I spend the whole week looking at my short experience and as well as studying other people who gave up.


1. People QUIT or GIVE UP because of failure to handle pressure. This one is a very serious issue. Pressure gives you sleepless nights, headaches, stress, loss appetite, you loose your mind, weight loss and all sorts of negative things. So at the end one is trying to run away from all these they give up! I still remember the day I wanted to release my first episode of my Talk Show and the day passed without posting anything. Something was happening and I got so frustrated and people are calling, texting you to ask about the video and you don’t have answers. I almost QUIT! The situation was getting out of my hand, couldn’t handle it. Even in most premature relationships, people give up on each other because of pressure. I remember my first year at Varsity I went to the chairperson of the faculty of Commerce to which I belong. I told him I wanted to change my program from Economics to Business Management because of pressure in Economics. Though I didn’t give up because he encouraged me and now in my final year doing Economics.

2. People Quit because of feedback. If you are not so strong enough to stand ground of what you have started you will quit yet it’s something you must take learn and built up! There’s what we call constructive criticism which is not meant to break you but to build you. If one fails to separate between the two, here me we will see them dropping off the boots! Always I’m conscious about the feedback I get. If I’m not able to handle that I could have stopped the Talk Show on my first episode. But now I have more episodes lined up.

3. People Quit because they lack Support. Making reference to my first point of people giving up because of pressure. You need people to stand with you at that moment to tell you that all is going to be alright. If one lacks such moral support they will Give Up!. Sometimes family, friends, loved ones. After I started this talk show I have people who didn’t understand I was occupied and they no longer talk to me because I didn’t pick their calls or replied their messages. If people can walk away, stop talking to you, fear of being alone will push you to quit but not with me.

4. People give up when they are in competition with someone who is doing the same thing is progressing and they are not. In short, people who normally give up because of this reason are putting themselves in a competition and it’s wrong! You need to know you are not in competition with anyone. Your vision is Unique, and you have a different blueprint of your destiny.

5. People give up because of comparison. To compare yourself with someone who has been in the field for years and you are just starting. Sometimes people around you will be giving feedback comparing you with the same people who have gone years doing the same thing yet you are just starting. Be proud of what you are doing, make more mistakes, work towards perfection. The road is clear. For example you can not try to compare my first book with that of Shakespeare or Tsitsi Dangarembga.

So Never Give Up!
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By Tinaye Edwell

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