Why a Mentor is Your Key to Success

Why You Need Vital People

Your mentor and other crucial people matter. It’s important you involve people who are critical to your success ..

You treat all vital and non-vital people well. But your major plans and moves must be based on experiences of SUCCESSFUL people. You don’t ask for everyone’s opinions only your teacher.

Relying on non-central people is not going to help you get what you’re after in life. Don’t wait for everyone’s comments or worse yet approval.

Anyone who can’t understand your vision is not important to your end results.

Find accomplished people. They will understand your vision and know what needs to be done. Crucial people inspire you to do your best. And your savvy people give you confidence. You can perform up to your best without wasting time.

A very important person is someone with experience. They will help you past your biggest obstacles. You can crush procrastination and perfection just by finding good teachers. Find someone who has skill and knowledge to show you what to do. Listen and learn good stuff from your mentors /

Your counselor will teach you real ways to get what you’re after. Their experience is going to keep you from needless pains of trial and error. Your teacher is going to show you what works and what does not.

Achieving is easier with help from experienced people. A real mentor is a caring and experienced teacher. It’s a person who can accelerate your learning because they have already done what you want to do.

Every person who accomplished anything in life surrounded themselves with capable people.

You can find your vital people by contacting as many people as you can. You can contact retired people. They may have some free time and be happy to help you. You can join special clubs or groups. Use the Internet. Look for people who have similar passions.

By Richard J. Stec

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