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What’s on Your Bookshelf? By Alex Vergara

What’s in Your Wallet? A major domestic credit card company has leveraged this concise but effective consumer question for years now. They hired a popular actress and one of the greatest actors of our generation who ask you the consumer the question.

Today, I ask you a different question. What’s on Your Bookshelf?” As a professed
lifelong learner, reading is something that I have enjoyed doing since my early years from my first George Schultz, Charlie Brown book.

By Dad (rest in peace, Pop!), was a decorated doctor for decades after bringing the family from Cuba to pursue the American dream. With all his professional degree and a 30-year practice in Jacksonville where we grew up, he never stopped his pursuit of new knowledge.

History, art, science, philosophy, psychology, and biographies of the greatest renaissance thinkers throughout world history filled his home office shelves.

One of the first books that I remember him giving me was 100 bios. I think I was about ten years old. Today, What’s on your Bookshelf” matters. Lots of people like me (call me a book nerd, I guess) can’t walk into a Barnes and Noble without walking out with a bag full of new reads. I make it through many of them. Some I don’t. This spring, as part of a spring cleaning, I looked at all of those books through the years. I kept the ones that have become part of my DNA as I refer to them often, gathered some which I no longer need and donated them to my library, gave a couple to my kids (if they seemed interested), or a local charity.

Just remember, lifelong learning, and the books on your shelf will undoubtedly help you become the best of you throughout life. Some will stay with you. Some won’t, but that’s OK, pass them on to another lifelong learner you may know. Someone’s future reader’s life will be better as

So today, my thought isn’t “What’s in Your Wallet”, it’s “What’s on Your Bookshelf). I am also now enjoying a new site which lists top readers and their favorite books.

Come back soon. I am working a new AV Bookshelf series, with my Top ten in several categories of interest (business, education, entrepreneurship, design, fitness, and more). I hope you have enjoyed my inaugural AV bookshelf entry.

I look forward to another great year of learning.

Alex Vergara is the Chief Storyteller/Founder of AV Consulting Group a business development, branding, sports, and innovation firm based in Orlando, FL. He also is an adjunct lecturer in the UCF DeVos Sports MBA program, ranked as one of the top 10 sports management programs in the country. Reach me at

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