What Women Want In A Man – 5 Factors That Hook Women Like Crack

What Women Want In A Man – The 5 key factors that magnetically attract all women, and the other 4 factors you should never, ever use.

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After all these eons, men are often still baffled by trying to figure out what women want. Studying and interacting with women should reveal some clues about them. Unfortunately, listening to what a woman says she wants doesn’t usually help that much, because a man’s understanding will likely never be what she means. Every woman wants the whole package, but most know that’s not realistic. And so the negotiation begins. The most critical requirement is that women want deep emotional intimacy.

Some things that folks assume women want — which aren’t necessarily true — are: good looks, security, social status, and loyalty. Society believes all four of these to be important — and it definitely won’t hurt any man to meet these criteria — but lacking one or more isn’t usually a deal breaker. Some men are missing all four, and still plenty popular with the ladies.

The more critical minimum manly requirements, however, are confidence, a sense of humor, being detached as well as “edgy” and providing great sex. Any man who exhibits these characteristics shouldn’t spend much time without a woman in his life.

  1. His first point is very true, and this is why. Women are more concerned with how their answer is perceived than in truthfulness and accuracy.
    Don't bother asking them anything.
    Now, about women being attracted to a man because of how he makes her feel. What an exhausting thing it would be for a good man to waste his time trying to make a woman feel good endlessly. What is a woman, a child that needs car keys rattled and daddy laughing all the time? And for what, a lottery ticket for sex and companionship?
    That's not for me! Why should I play a role for her approval, when she behaves selfishly and tells herself she's independent?

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  3. I agree with some of the things you said here. But for me, I dislike detachment; and loyalty is extremely important to me. I hate mind games. If he likes me, I want to know for sure, I hate feeling uncertain. I find a good sense of humor and intelligence super appealing. I really like men that look, sound, and act masculine, but at the same time are very considerate, compassionate, and attentive toward other people. It's super attractive when men are good with children. I don't like it when men are so lacking in confidence that they are indecisive, pushovers suffering from a victim complex. But, being shy isn't an issue, it can be cute.

  4. Let me get this straight.  A man can have all the confidence in the world, to infinity and beyond!  A woman walks into his life, and she so happens to have more confidence than he’s got, so as that’s the deal breaker, she’s gone?  So then Wonder Woman walks out on Buzz Lightyear?  In that case, for me, respectfully she is a waste of my valuable time.  I’m living my life to my fullest as possible!  Cheers!

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  7. Its a shame boys/men are not tutored in these 5 – 10 things women need/want. Men are left to their own devices out there to figure it out, one divorce after another. imagine if they were, there would be no really great songs…i.e., "I can't make you love me if you don't".

  8. I agree with 99% of what you've said. But you talk about women being sexy like models, you make men sound so shallow. Don't look past those amazing women that may not be models or super sexy, because they shine, they are articulate, intelligent, artistic and loyal.

  9. there are millions of people married ,men are not funny ,confident or so called deal breakers!!! they have a decent married life, I know what this Bald man means ( who is so ugly himself,i doubt if he can approac) ,for you if want to be a player. This video will work in those circumstances,but not if you want a mundane family life. You will see the ladies will just go for SECURITY aspect without doubt,for sure . No dirty sex,edgy and non sense:) This baldy is also talking as if the 7 billion people live in NEWYORK , most of the population is uneducated and live in the 3rd world. NO CHOICE FOR MILIONS , that is life,blame it on humans society structure or whatever , THAT IS THE TRUTH.

  10. 1. Height over 6 foot
    2. Head full of hair
    3. Deep hunter eyes with thick eyebrows
    4. Small forehead
    5. Small symmetrical nose
    6. Small distance from upper lip to root of nose (around 1/4 the size of chin)
    7. Wide simmetrical lips
    8. Visible chickbones, no facial fat
    9. Forward grown lower jaw
    10. Clean skin, slightly toned
    11. Small ears
    12. Straight white teeth

  11. So basically joining a gym you will get almost all of them, more humour, more confidence, more porpouse in your life and less importance to them, better sex to bang them and becoming more dangerous.

  12. Women tend to make decisions that make them feel good momentarily, but end up in denial and discontent over long-term, until they learnt (or were hurt) enough by their own illogical behaviours and by the wrong guys. That's why you see women blast out complaints non-stop until they reach mental maturity. So your analysis only work for young immature girl (they are usually the most physically appealing, no doubt, which is what most men want).

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