What is Leading Into Meaning?

I spent about fifteen years researching leadership and at the same time working as a manager and consultant. Many theories didn’t make sense to me at the workplace. They didn’t seem to take into regards the complexity of the responsibility or the fluidity of time.

I came to the insight that leadership is an art form, the art to create meaning. Here are some basic tenets:

1. Leading Into Meaning is the ability to mitigate between the unknown future and the known present.

2. Leaders should, therefore, face the unknown, their own fears and immerse themselves in the great chaos of life.

3. Within this process, they come up with ideas, pathways, bridges how to get from the known present into the unknown future.

4. While management is about quantification, complexity reduction, rational conception of reality. Leadership is a subjective, individual, creative, emotional expression which serves to create meaning for action

5. By this leaders transform the chaotic unknown into the known present.

6. This transformation also encompasses those who follow and those who are affected.

7. For this leaders need a translucent, clear mind, free of pre-conceptions of self, reality, the future and of others, to come with the best possible pathway.

8. These pre-conceptions of reality and self are always stripped away by phases of crisis, when past conceptions do not provide answers for the unknown to be mastered.

9. These phases of crisis are intra-revolutionary psychological processes out of which the leader emerges new insights, new creativity, and new energy

10. The leader emerges from that crisis with a translucent, clear and flexible mind. Ready for any other challenge at hand.

11. The leader can discern with this translucent mind the most promising venture into the unknown, by having a clear sense of its numinous quality.

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By Luke McBain

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