What Is Happiness? – An Extremely Advanced Definition Of Happiness

What Is Happiness – If you come to accept and live this definition of happiness you can permanently end all suffering, forever!

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At a deep level, happiness is an elusive state that few actually achieve. What we typically mistake for happiness is actually just excitement as a result of external stimuli. There’s certainly no shortage of stimuli in our world today. We have literally become addicted to the elevated mood we get from daring feats, exceptional food, an absorbing movie, or cruising the internet. When that thrill is over, we are already hungering for the next.

Our ego encourages us to stay on this unending roller coaster ride of highs and lows, telling us that’s just the nature of life. In truth, we’ve become creators of the drama in our life on which we’re now hooked. Devoid of stimulation, our body goes into withdrawal much like that of an addict. Our minds have grown lazy with all the easy thrills, and we’ve distorted the arc of our life with all these cheap diversions.

Unfortunately, true happiness is an inside job. To find it, we must first unplug and seek it. Meditation and deep contemplation will shrink the ego’s influence so that we can find inner peace.

  1. This definition is a bit too simplistic and needs an update. Yes, happiness does not depend on external conditions or short-lived stimulations, but hapiness is not just a meditative state, sitting by yourself. It can be of course, but there is more. Happiness is closely related to life energy, source, flow, surrendering to your authentic path and having a constructive inner dialogue that leads you further and further, and molds you to better feeling places since we are forever evolving. To me happiness is a creative process, not a static state.

  2. I have read a lot of negative comments about people that are not aware and haven't self actualised.so those people include family members freinds colleagues etc.some people feel they are more grandiose then them.this is not true.we are all equal whether aware or not.try not build walls and be judgemental and think of your self lucky to have this awareness.

  3. What is happiness? -An extremely advanced definition

    What is the missing piece that we're all searching for?

    Make a distinction between happiness and excitement.

    Common sense intuitive notion of happiness nowadays is excitement.

    When having a lobster or steak at a nice restaurant

    Having amazing mindblowing sex

    Taking a rollercoaster ride

    We search happiness in stimulation and excitement.

    Trying to somehow lock a certain level of excitement in.

    This notion doesn't work.

    Our brain loves excitement. It's convinient. It's unconscious.

    It's feeding off of pleasure.
    With it come highs and inevidable lows.

    Genuine happiness is not something Leo would talk about with a newbie.

    If you're just getting started
    Your life feels pretty miserable.

    If you have trouble paying the bills, trouble at work, trouble with relationships, emotional wounds that need work

    Fix the basics first.

    What is real genuen happiness?

    A feeling of peace, calm and contentment.

    Being content with whatever is happening in the present.

    Nothing is really disturbing you

    Elimination of any forms of suffering.

    Problem with excitement paradigm?

    Egoic paradigm, you're operating from your ego

    Keeps you trapped like a mouse in a hamster wheel going after a piece of cheese

    You keep chasing after things and keep thinking that external things will make you happy

    Have you actually gotten what you've been after? The cheese?

    What are we really after?

    Really you were after that moment of peace that happens after the stimulation ends

    But within a relatively short amount of time your brain is going to say: "Okay! What's next!? I want more of that!!"

    Creating this addiction cycle of stimulation.

    You think: "Life is supposed to have ups and downs like a rolercoaster ride!"

    That's actually not true. That rolercoaster ride is created by you and all the suffering in your life is created by you.

    Your ego will not allow you to understand this idea.

    This is where enlightenment work comes in.

    You start to research englightenment and start to experience it for yourself

    Doing the meditation and contemplation work which is required to start to desolve your ego

    To the point where your ego eventually fades away

    You stop seeking all the excitement, because you see that it doesn't make you truly fulfilled

    Become as happy as humanly possible by yourself without needing any stimulation

    Your natural state is 100% peace and calm and fulfillment

    But you've been so far removed from that and so addicted to stimulation and your ego so set on your survival and reproduction

    You have to start building a case to get on the path of enlightenment. Starting to gather more evidence.
    By watching your mind and body and what they're doing when alone.

    How to do it:

    Unplug from as much stimulation as possible

    Commit to 20 min. every day for the rest for your life

    Lock yourself in a room where nobody can disturb you, where there's no stimulation. Set a timer for 2 hours and sit in a chair for 2 hours without doing absolutely anything.And watch what your mind and body do.

    You'll experience withdrawal symptoms like a heroin addict.
    Which should start to convince you that there's truth to this definition of happiness.

  4. You are preatty radical in your approach…but i must tell you that you are absolutly true!! I've vêem listenning to your videos for the last week, due to a breakup that i had recently, and i must say…know i know what i did wrong for that, and others, breakup to happen…! Thanks man

  5. Leo, I don’t think that you’re crazy or that your ideas are absurd. If I was truly happy (as you define happiness) in my life, I wouldn’t watch the whole 24:28 of your video. You presented some of the thoughts I already had because of practicing Yoga, but I was never able to apply them on my daily life. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Now I know, I’m not the only one here who feels that there’s something not right with their lives and are thirsty for changing their state of mind.

  6. I feel like I had a completely wrong idea in mind n within half an hour u tore it all apart as if it was nothing. One thing that I kept thinking is that most of our attempts to get some happiness are usually based on money or what it buys n it's just sad.

  7. The thing is that if I don’t agree will be due to my ego? I don’t feel happy when I get calm or meditate or go to Christian church for singing I feel peace … and that feeling also need to be trained…. going to yoga or meditate is an exercise like going for a trip or going to cinema or going to some place to try good food… but the feeling is completely different than peace, and peace doesn’t necessarily means to be happy, it is just a state of mind like excitements you mention can be, thank you for the video!

  8. Happiness isn't a thing, it's an emotion we attach to the experience of some thing. I believe most people just want to feel alive and that their life is a worthwhile life lived.

  9. Leo if you are still reading comments on this I would be so so so so appreciative to hear your thoughts on how to help people. Is helping others even possible? If it is, what is the best way to go about it? (It seems to me you have figured this out for yourself because I feel very helped by you but also I don’t feel judged by you!)

    I’m beginning to feel that helping others is… not what I thought?

    That helping all stems from a place of judgement and non-acceptance. That when I try to help I’m truthfully being selfish… not selfless.

    If this is true, how can I go about sharing love with the world in a way that also accepts that world just as it is?

    I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. Sending you light and love energy in this moment. ❤️ As well as a sincere thank you for the work you have done to put your content into the world. You are changing or are the catalyst to change for so many lives.

  10. Sometimes this disturbs me… His name is LEO. im a Leo being born in aug. then 3, the triangle, father. son andholy spirit. Subconscious, conscious and super conscious. the ultimate realities of my thinking go so deep pathologically, and i happen to find an extremely advanced definition of what i seek if i seek it. but more and more. i am noticing correlating things. that i might be seeking subconsciously. that or maybe AI already figured me out and plays games on us in a simulated reality. but that could be too far fetched. aside from me finding this video, i've been losing my grip on reality. stimulation is a thing to be done by those who choose to do it. and i have found a piece of contentment just outside of dealing with my past. which that wretched thing might be haunting in someway. however not quite sure i've even remembered it lately. suppression must be a key factor in this serendipitous finding.

  11. Hi Leo
    I want to thank you for all the wisdom you share with us. I'm very happy I found your video in YouTube, thank you for teaching me and giving me a little of the understanding about our inner self. I think your job is magnificent…keep up the good work! Ruthie C.

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