What ‘Fear’ Has To Do With Time Management?

Let’s say, for example, we walk on a street. And all the sudden a big truck is approaching toward us without any intentions of stopping. Would you just stay there and think, well let’s see, maybe the driver did not see me yet? Do we calculate the distance between you and the truck so that you can move away safely from the danger? Of course not we do not do that…

We experience an automatic reaction or emotion of alertness that causes our body to move automatically to prevent the danger, without us having nothing to do about it. We do not think in such situations. We simply act to avoid bad things, based on an impulse.

How’s that related to time management?

Well, we have 4-5 major roadblocks that are associated with fear. They are preventing us from the success we want, leading us to poor time management and not getting the job done as a result.

Why would you do such a thing to yourself?

Fear is designed to protect us from dangerous things. It is simply an emotion that keeps us alive. However, often times, it triggers in very inappropriate moments that are preventing us from getting the results we want for ourselves. Poor time management leads us to a disaster along the way, having the inability to complete projects and tasks. If we do not complete any tasks that are important to us to move things forward, there’s no progress.

Here are the five roadblocks associated with fear that are causing us not getting our time management handled:

1) Fear Of Failure (making things perfect forever) – we can’t stand the idea of failing, and we make things perfect at first, before we launch a task, a project or an activity. It takes an enormous amount of time to do something simple. However, because we are afraid of failing, we do countless hours of research, tweaks that are not even necessary in the first place. This is a big time waster.

2) Fear Of Success (seeking for approval) – this is often an internal conflict that we face. We want to succeed, but somehow, we are afraid of the new way of living or lifestyle. It is not fair for us to succeed while others suffer, so we seek for approval and validation to succeed. This wastes a lot of time, by not getting your project finished and procrastinating on important activities.

3) Fear Of Rejection (not getting started, because others may not like it) – this is related to the fear of success. However, we proactively find reasons why we shouldn’t get started yet. It often times involve other people who we like and trust, and we are faced with the dilemma between losing couple of friends or having a successful business. Nobody is going to like us, if we succeed.

Example: “If you want enemies, excel others; if you want friends, let others excel you.”- Charles Caleb Colton

4) Fear Of Power (I am not good enough) – this is the opposite of empowerment and self-confidence. We do not feel good enough to take the journey and become more successful. We often feel that we need more training, or we need more time to get this handled. This causes us to procrastinate from a time management point of view, causing us countless hours of learning new things, but really avoiding to take any action. Learning without action is the cause of every failure.

5) Fear Of Responsibility (too much responsibility, too much work) – we like to be lazy, and not getting our hands too dirty, taking the quick road to success. We want to have systems in place or somebody else to do the work for us, without taking responsibility for our own actions and mistakes. We are often blaming others for our own mistakes, pointing out fingers, instead of finding the problems within ourselves. This alone is going to waste a lot of time by going through countless conflicts and drama. Time wasting conflicts between you and your subordinates can completely destroy your business.

By Chris B. Diamond

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