Understanding The Authentic Self – An explanation of what your authentic self is on 3 different levels.

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  1. The video is great as always, but there is something, it seems that some concepts developed by Leo slip between a notion of deep spirituality and a more commercial one. for example the Selt-Authentic, the idea of ​​remaining in constant self-defiance, coming out of comfort zones, etc. This idea easily fits into the neo-liberal mantra and in many cases has been a source of extreme psychological distress and environmental destruction. . My point is this: I miss a look at what is strange, unfit, but perhaps also has "spiritual truth," figures like Van Gogh, Nietzsche, Artaud … Geniuses who brought great teachings but had conflicting lives precisely because they had such knowledge and had the courage to live that life. Can not spirituality bring a critical stance? Does it have to adapt to the business world? What is the revolutionary role of spirituality? That's it, I'd like a comment from Leo about it. hug and congratulations

  2. what have you ever given to the liberation of your own kind besides telling everyone i know who i am. i am authentic. just listen to me i will tell you how great i am but don't expect me to give anything to help the cause of the suffering of my kind. i am trying to only to complete my mission because i know no one else will even attempt it. back off with your self importance.

  3. I fRACKING love you! Lol….thanks for taking your time to share your in depth perceptions and ideologies! I really resonate with what you're saying. I've actually had a lot of these realizations myself, but I've never constructed such a strong and true concept the way you just have. You've really given me something solid for me to visualize and hold onto. You did a great job reiterating it also! I believe we all know this deep down. We all just get stuck….Live little leaves fallen from the tree of life…floating down a river…we get stuck in all of the snares that nature throws at us! We just need to learn how to ride the CORRECT currents!

  4. I am 15 and with many of these videos I find that I already know this.
    For example the third level of the self- the realization that there is nothing but your conscientiousness in the present moment, which is a little more generalized version of what Leo said but still applies here and everywhere else. I actually talked about it to my classmates today and the more I talk to people the more I realize that I am the only one who is thinking about this shit. I don´t really know what to do. I started watching Leo about a month ago and I believe he is the wisest person that makes content on youtube. I am lonely a lot of the time and I have no real friends. I don´t even know what I should talk to people about.

  5. LEO!! When you were making this video 4 years ago about authenticity you are talking about using no drugs of any kind as being authentic..
    yet little did you know 4 years later you'd be on a video,
    high on psychedelics.. Or just coming down from a psychedelic trip, which is inauthentic so can you explain this

  6. You mentioned that who we were in the past in not our authentic self. But who we can possibly be is our authentic self. When I was a child, especially around 12, I was good in school, bold, expressive, funny, a confident public speaker, social, creative, passionate and loved learning. Are you saying that this was not my authentic self, and my authentic self is even more of what I was at this age? If so, this is a very exciting prospect. I don't think our potential should be limited by youth. I think that our imagination of what is possible is just the beginning of what is possible, and the more we act into, and become the initial aspects of what is possible, the more possibility we are capable of imagining and moving into, and our bodies will transform to fit the authentic self that is capable of fully expressing what we imagine ourselves to be in our highest form.

  7. I think why people don’t want to be this way is because, people who are very confident and authentic are always brought down, and fake and “trying to hard” or being perfect and you know that’s how it ends but everyone can be this and they bring down these people because that’s who they want to be

  8. Interesting how in the sexuality part you mention how we can fluctuate depending on where our hormones have placed us opening the door that there is actually fluctuations inside of us making us DIFFERENT from each other but when it comes to the rest of the list you are firm, making us all the same… everyone in their most “authentic” self has to be social? There are no physical factors involved (just like the hormones) that make some of us be and not be that way? Emotionally stable? 100% positive? I know what you are trying to do but to me this theory is simply not realistic because the same way a person can fluctuate between genders, can fluctuate in other areas. I think this theory is more damaging than empowering

  9. Hi Leo, I am a 22 year old woman who has followed your videos since I was about 16-17, I have always felt a void within myself that I am not living up to my full potential. My own self image is very shit, and after watching this video again, I have gained new insights and see what you mean about constantly changing and evolving, which I didn’t see before. You particularly got me with the labelling of countries. As I label myself a lot (usually negatively) just with this insight I will be more aware of this and aim to cut this out and buy into this idea of a self actualised life even further. Thanks for everything, nobody has ever introduced me to all the amazing and bewildering things you have.
    Also as a side note, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression at the age of 18, do you believe these labels bring attachment to these health issues or do you think this recognising and labelling “negative” emotions is a good thing? Thanks again!

  10. what you said about no self in the end really resonated with me, i feel like my soul is shouting out YES to the concept and i know it is something that holds a really powerful place in our minds if we can let go of the self, thanks for the awesome vid

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