The Strength of Feminine Leadership: Embracing the Unexpected to Transform Your Business

Before you can become the leader you were born to be, you will be thrown into the fire—more than once. It’s simply the way growth works. There’s always a breakdown before there’s a breakthrough. But you can always rise from the ashes, just like a phoenix.

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking place, I imagine a lot of you are going through some kind of unexpected change that demands a transformation. I for one, and I’m sure I don’t stand alone, couldn’t have planned for anything that’s happening now or imagined who I would become in the process.

In the past, something like this would have sent me into complete fear and overwhelm. But God has given me enough lessons prior to this where I have had to pivot and grow, personally and professionally, that I now know better than to resort to panic. At this point, I am beyond committed to still making my dreams happen and being of even bigger service to those in need. I made the sovereign decision that I don’t have time to ruminate on my fears about what’s not yet happened, dwell on what is lacking, or immerse my thoughts into anything else that will distract me from activating my truest desires.

My mother always taught me that happiness is a choice. This time, rather than choosing fear, I’ve chosen to be more myself than ever. I’m stepping more fully into the focused, capable woman who knows what’s possible and lives it out daily.
Instead of providing a reason to go into despair, this unexpected change is my opportunity to roll up my sleeves and get even more involved in my business. From taking my book tour online, to developing a membership site for my clients, and getting in touch with numerous virtual connections, my message is still my purpose and I can still find ways to provide it to those who need it!

Are you looking to be of even bigger service in your business? Maybe you are looking to pivot your business into the virtual space so that you can get your message and service in front of more eyes. Or perhaps you have been able to sit with your thoughts even more during quarantine, gaining clarity on your vision, but not knowing exactly how to get there.
That’s where my team and I come in!

Having spent a majority of my young life living in the shadows of every archetype under the sun (more details about these archetypes can be found in my book, The Audacity to be Queen) I knew I was destined for greatness, but just wasn’t sure about how to get there. Starting my career as a struggling psychotherapist based out of Detroit, suffocating under a massive amount of debt, I intuitively knew it wasn’t what my epic life was supposed to look like. I loved helping people, but religiously working 75+ hour weeks and trading valuable hours for dollars was taking a toll on my social life and my self-worth.

Mustering up a whole lot of courage, putting my faith in God, moving across the country, not having a clue what to do, tapping into my resources, experiencing a handful of 11th-hour miracles, I can say I have finally stepped up into the divine archetype as Queen.

From the position of Queen, I can embrace both my feminine and masculine energies, simultaneously. I can enjoy both work and pleasure. My entrepreneurial journey has led me to opening this incredible multimillion-dollar company, Divine Living, where I can help thousands of women do the same by stepping up into their own power as Queen.

If you are ready to unleash this same fierce and feminine power within you and your business, I invite you to join my community today! Right now, as a supplement to my book, I am offering a free online course where hundreds of women across the globe are unlocking their potential and coming together to share their love and support!

Remember, you have a big purpose, and without a shadow of a doubt -you are meant for the epic life, it’s time for you to claim it! The time to rise up as Queen, is now.

Gina Devee, author of “The Audacity to be Queen”, is a business mentor, speaker, and lifestyle expert who coaches women for free in her Audacity to be Queen Companion Course amongst many other transformational programs. You can learn more about her at or follow @ginadevee on Instagram!

Gina Devee

Author of “The Audacity to be Queen” Order your copy through the link below!

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