The Curse Of Being Human – How the ego makes it impossible for you to ever be happy, and how to overcome it.

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  1. If we let go of it all to be happy in the now – who is going to pay the rent, bills…how are you supposed to support yourself financially? Even if you disconnect from the grid. Nobody will pay your bills you have to work in order to pay your bills just like you are doing with making the videos. If you didn't make the videos you would have to be out there finding work to support yourself and your loved ones.

  2. Anyone else on their way to more consciousness noticing that you draw more connections in terms of why people do or say something? Just as one small example, when Leo mentioned 'Air conditioning' as the first example for useful technology I immediately remembered that he mentioned he's from Las Vegas earlier in the video and thought "of course this is the first thing that comes to his mind, in Nevada that is essential". Wouldn't have happened a year ago, I would just hear his list of random examples with half of one ear.

    Also noticing my ego wanted to write this comment to get confirmation via likes. Also noticing I am adding this to be regarded even more awake and liked even more. Noticing that I also added the last sentence for that. Also noticing… Help, I am stuck in an awareness loop.

    Noticing my ego creates a sub-ego and identity as "the aware one".
    Please hospitalize me.

  3. i found myself doing this exercise when i was about 3 years old. i remember it vividly. during this exercise i was startled by the appearance of my "invisible friend" as my mother later referred to him as. i started crying and he told me to relax. we started conversing. he told me his name was teda. he looked like he was made of light. any time i wanted to talk to him i would repeat the exercise and he would appear. years later my brother convinced me he didnt exist. i stopped doing the exercises and i no longer saw him.

  4. thank you Leo, i came in here with a strong victim mindset of 'i'll be happy when i…" because i feel like my life is a mess, i can't figure out what to do, what my purpose is for the longest time, but i decided i'll be happy now regardless

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