The Power of Taking a Stand for the And: How you can unapologetically receive all you desire in life and business

Most of us come into entrepreneurship with an idea of what running a successful business will be like. Our beliefs about what it takes to make money actually shapes our behavior as businesswomen, directly impacting our potential for success. It’s why a big part of the work I do is in helping women let go of these beliefs and gain clarity on who they really need to be to create the life they desire.

While working with thousands of women, I start to pick up on common trends. One I’ve been noticing recently is an extreme ‘either-or’ mentality. On the one end, women convince themselves success is going to be all feminine energy and flow. As long as they’re in alignment and following their purpose, then everything will be as easy as the Law of Attraction. On the other end, a woman might completely immerse herself in the masculine energy of “go-go-go” thinking that by spiraling into busy mode she will hit her goals faster. While you need both these energies to reach a desired level of achievement and happiness, many don’t know how to find this balance and stay stuck in either one extreme or the other.

The answer here is to position yourself as the Queen in your life. A Queen is a woman who is dedicated to becoming the best version of herself by committing to her dreams, self-worth, and divine purpose. She embodies the masterful blend of feminine and masculine energies that reside within each person.

This is what inspired me to write my first book after 20+ years in the industry. In The Audacity to be Queen, I talk about this masterful blend that I had to learn and experience first-hand. I learned that a woman can have success while also enjoying life’s greatest pleasures. That a woman can still achieve her goals while also taking adequate time for rest and relaxation. And that when you get asked if you would like salad or fries with your entree, you can confidently say “BOTH!” When you approach life from this mentality, you know you can choose to find balance and have it all by taking a stand for the and. You can embrace the Law of Attraction and still hustle, enjoy work and play, make great money, and keep your sanity. To paint this picture even more vibrantly for you, just think of getting your work done and taking the kids to Disneyland or attending Paris fashion week with your girlfriends and still being able to save with your husband for the down payment on the house.

Sometimes we are conflicted when it comes to receiving because we think we have to choose, but in reality, we don’t. It’s a powerful thing when you realize you can have it all, unapologetically!

If you are looking for more inspiration on how to lead your life from this perspective and find new ways to succeed with joy and ease, then make sure you purchase a copy of my book for all the details and more about becoming the Queen of your life!

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