The light at the end of the tunnel

Giving back, changing lives, curing anxiety and depression and building people’s confidence . . . . All the things that being a qualified Life coach allows me to do. I‘m Dan, I’m a 32 year old husband and father of 2 amazing children. I’m a Buddhist fanatic and Psychology is my thing.

As a youngster I was always in trouble, being expelled, isolated and removed from clubs, classes and schools. I hit rock bottom after my first child was born. Very quickly I suffered heavily with Anxiety and deep depression. Suicide often frequented my inner thoughts until one day I almost went the full way and ended my life. All I wanted to do was sleep, because that was the only time it didn’t hurt.

With support from my wife, I seeked help from a well known charity and within 6 weeks, turned my mental state completely around. I set up and a social media account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@motivationali8). The charity who saved my life, nominated me for their Annual award, which I won. My local radio station, invited me on air to do a live interview.

Finding the right Life Coach for you can take time and shouldn’t be rushed. Each Life Coach has their own area of expertise and approach to their client’s needs. Before choosing a Coach, look at their website, reviews and awards they have won.

Self-sabotage is something that comes too easily to many people. We doubt our abilities and we find it easy to dislike our image or our bodies. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself credit. You are perfect in every way. Remind yourself daily of all the things you have in your life and all the things you are good at. Look in the mirror at yourself, stare yourself in the eye and tell yourself you are good enough, you are smart enough, you are motivated and ready to take on any challenge the day is going to put in your path!

Eating healthily, drinking fluids, reducing caffeine, good exercise and having a strong support network are all extremely powerful ingredients for feeling great. When you feel great, your posture and attitude change. You will become mentally stronger, your motivation will come alive and your levels of positivity will rise. You will feel awesome.

I feel on top of the world more often than not and I have a huge passion for helping others feel the same way. Life is too short and everyday should be lived without regrets and to its fullest. Never take anything for granted and appreciate everything.

Life changes and personal development take time. Break things down and take baby steps. The speed at which you move, doesn’t matter . . . Along as the direction is forwards!

Dan Jenner BSc

I'm a mental health advocate and a winner of the 'Mind Service Users award 2018'.

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