We hold ourselves back in so many ways by striving for perfection. We delay, procrastinate and put off, telling ourselves it’s not good enough, or worrying what others might think. When I work with my clients we always talk about aiming for progress, not perfection, and making this a part of the goal setting and action taking process.

Progress builds momentum. Momentum builds confidence. Taking action and showing ourselves that “we can” boosts our positive mindset and self belief. Ultimately, this will all move us forward. Will we make mistakes or put things out there that we deem less than perfect? Sure! Will that have a negative impact and hold us back? No! Quite the opposite. If we can just keep going; keep taking that next step. Tweaking, reviewing, learning from the bumps in the road. But just keep taking action, however imperfect.

Coaching and the idea of ‘Progress Not Perfection’ is at the heart of the 12 month Tabono programme for aspiring or established entrepreneurs and small business owners. Running your own show can be terrifying, causing us to stumble and overthink, and hold off from doing the very things that will make it happen for us. Or feel embarrassed or fearful if things don’t quite go to plan.

Prior to becoming a full time coach, I spent years ‘trying’ to build a business whilst looking after five kids and keeping up with a day job 3 days a week. To say it was hectic is an understatement. I was unhappy because I wasn’t doing what my heart really wanted to do. However, every time I got a little way down the path with the business, I would back off again because it wasn’t ‘perfect’ enough. That would cause me to overthink, to stumble and be inconsistent.

If you’re consistent, then perfection doesn’t need to be a part of the equation. Consistency gets your message out there, builds your presence and allows you to excel in what you do.

One thing I realised I hadn’t been doing right was planning, reviewing and goal setting. The power of planning and goal setting is underrated and under utilised. When combined with progress not perfection it’s so powerful. But my goal setting process was defeating me because I wasn’t following through properly. I also wasn’t reviewing and tweaking things along the way. And I was focused on perfection instead of progress.

There are many factors that influence goal setting and its effectiveness. Knowing how powerful this can be is why we focus on it again and again throughout the Tabono journey. Goal setting gives us structure, focus and clarity. If it’s detailed enough it can take out or dramatically reduce procrastination. And if you make reviewing a big part of the process, you can learn from what’s gone by, and keep focusing on progress – not feeling disappointed if you’re not perfect!

By Chloe Leibowitz

Chloe Leibowitz

Hi, I’m Chloe. If you’re reading this then I’m guessing there’s something you want to change in your life. Perhaps something you’ve tried to change, but it just doesn’t happen. Maybe your attempts get squashed, or you’re thrown off track by life happening, or you don’t have the self-belief, or life is so busy that your dreams for the future always end up at the bottom of the pile?

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