The Difference Between ‘Productive’ Work and ‘Busy’ Work

There is being busy and then there is being productive - Do you understand the difference? Productive work should be passionate work. Productive work can exist without it being passionate work. But it shouldn’t.

Passion and productivity should be the focal point of all your work. If that requires 4–5 hours of your time that is more valuable than spending 8 hours on non-productive work which you are not passionate about. Below are three signs that you are doing busy work rather than productive work:

It “Has” To Be Done

When you feel like your work has to be done yet would rather be doing other, more important work - you are likely just doing busy work. Filing, editing reports and sitting in meetings all are examples of doing busy work. If it feels like it has to be done for you, it is likely busy work.

You Are Not Sure Why You Are Doing It

Why are we having this meeting again? Why do we have to now do our reporting on this new template? Why do we have to change the way we deliver our services? If you are not sure why you are doing the work you are doing it is likely a sign that you are doing busy work, not productive work.

It Distracts You From Using Your Skills On More Meaningful Tasks

If you are stuck doing busy work that doesn’t effectively use your skills, you need to find a way out of this black hole. Nothing screams busy work when the work you are doing is underutilizing your skillset.

By Ryan B Fahey |



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