This article identifies the changes we make consciously and subconsciously by identifying the differences of the changes and how it plays a role in your life. We all want to be successful in our lives but struggle at them for various reasons and knowing those reasons is what helps us become successful. No matter what the change is we all want a positive outcome.

The Changes We Face in Life

We all know that change is inevitable, but I bet you’ve never thought that change includes personal growth, relational growth, and familial growth that are done knowing and unknowingly.

Personal growth; this who you want to become. Are you working for a new outlook on life, is there a goal you want to achieve, or is there an expectation of you that you want to live up too? This is your personal growth that you’re chasing. May it be a goal, expectation, &/or personal achievement. This growth is an Active growth, in that you’re aware of the change and are accepting of those changes. Success is identified as achieving what you are working towards. Personal growth doesn’t actually mean you’ve achieved what you’re working towards but does mean your awareness of these changes and how they might affect your life.

Relational growth; this is going through the changes that fit your role i.e. single to married, married to divorced, divorced to married, etc. Our role is a change to us with and without thought. However, anything that will occur within your relationships is an accepted change that YOU accept. Whether that may be an extension of your family, how you live your life in comparison to others, and overcoming struggles. Although these are changes, they are all changes we’re aware of and actively participating in.

Familial growth; this is growth that happens within your familial setting as family dynamics i.e. affairs, divorce, empty nesters, etc. These are changes that present as outcomes to your dynamic. Although we are all aware of our environment, we are NOT fully aware what those changes will be until the outcome occurs.

Here’s a question you can ask yourself, why do we go with the changes that happens with or without our knowledge but struggle to make positive changes within our lives? We all look for that one thing; that one thing that will change our lives for the better. This can mean financial, relationships, careers, etc. After seeking out specialist we seem to remain in our stuck cycle. Could it be that who you are seeing is not the right fit for you? Could it be your just not ready for change? Or is it that finding out the truth is much harder than you realized? Whatever it may be, change is necessary, but acceptance is the first step and the most important step towards change. If we can go through life actively make changes and inactively make changes why do we remain in the stuck belief system? That relates to our relationship and familial growth that can cause the stuck system. Take this challenge to see how much change can occur once we re-frame our thought and belief process.

I challenge you to choose one goal, research the steps for achievement, and structure them into steps. This simple 3 step process will help you make those necessary changes. There is only one thing to remember, do NOT! I repeat, do NOT add goal after goal. More than one goal will leave you in negative loop of stress. These are the causes of our acceptance that the world has to offer and the lie we tell ourselves that “we just can’t do it”! It’s not true! And you can do it! It just takes time, nothing is instantaneously.

Tracy L. Limon

Tracy L. Limon

Change is necessary, it occurred from childhood to adulthood, from single life to married/coupling, and life events such as births and deaths. Not only am I a coach, but I’m a person first. Coming from poverty to a practitioner I realized breaking the cycle is easier than I thought. Come join me to help you live your truth and to be a happier you.

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