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  1. Yes, It is about YOU. But we share consciousness. You touch points that real live people in our lives, can't even come close to…even if you're just a recording, a tape, a Utube rerun or a book, you still share & help us connect with the Oneness better
    and it's so helpful….

  2. What about DO BOTH…add the new gradually….or maybe YOU can afford to make the BIG LEAP all at once. Maybe save enough
    to make the trip BACK to where you were, if you don't like the NEW. Who cares about what others think of you…they're not
    spending much thot on you…they're busy thinking ALOT about themselves.

  3. The part of the hero that has to die on this journey is the fool. Only life lessons learned teach you that all the lower nature is futile. Detachment to the lower frequencies means you can walk among it, in non judgment of those walking in it. The lure is gone because the joy is experienced in higher frequencies. It isn't about religion or obedience. It's about freedom. Freedom from fear to the freedom to live and create and love yourself and bless others with what you've found.

    This is very timely for me. I'm glad I found you.

  4. Leo i fucking love you dude I hope I can meet you some day I really appreciate you, you have made me conscious of my own self deception 2 years ago and since then I follow your content and I really want to thank you dude you are a fucking awesome human being and I estimate you

  5. Leo, I don't know if you are still torn by this dilemma two years since you've made it, but if you are, I think you can achieve both these goals in tandem. Focus on finding the truth first; give your all to that. When you have time and energy, come back down from the mountain and share what you've learned with the village. See your actualized videos as just a storehouse for what you've learned. You shouldn't be up on the mountain permanently (working on enlightenment), nor should you be organizing things in your storehouse permanently (your actualized videos). A virtuous, wise life is going to require you to do both. I think that cycle of getting wisdom and offloading it will be the most natural and satisfying for you anyways. Good luck!

  6. when you say, " this doesn't fulfil me" it's because you are trying to 'do something' to gain fulfilment. you can never gain fulfilment by doing something. because that feeds into the barter system. you have to do something to have fulfilment, so when you don't do it, you lose the fulfilment. you always will have that battle. you have to accept how life is in order to be fulfilled. do nothing. and when I say do nothing, I don't mean meditate. I mean take no action. do no different from what you do naturally anyway. accept that this is what life is and it is just fine how it is.

  7. I did this. not Japan, but South Korea. I landed myself in a teaching position and without much leadup, I ended up abruptly boarding a plane and was in an apartment in South Korea the next day. I was required to jump right in at the deep end teaching the kids. I had been unemployed and I suddenly found myself in a position where I was expected to be there working from 830am til 6pm each day. I did not cope well. I felt I had been misled by the recruitment officer and was not expecting this. it didn't go well for me and I almost ended my own life. mostly due to then stress and the fear of not being able to cope and ending up destitute on the streets of a country where i didn't even know the language. I owe my best friend my life, he paid for my plane ticket back home. I still owe him money for that. but more importantly, I am alive and am still learning from that experience 5 years later.

  8. When you are ready for a change like this, you will find the way to make it. It won't be as painfully difficult as you describe it and it will seem like the only real choice you have.

  9. Love you Leo, scaring but it looks better for me to live in the amazons with shamans instead of my kind of luxury life. leave my good business, my culture, family and go to find a psychedelic society to finish my life. Crazy but it is not so crazy after seen this chapter

  10. u wont find fulfillment here in society thats why u need to detachurself from the meaning from each stuff like money, marriage, love, friends, all these bull crap.. thats what i'm doing.. and spend time in the being.. like u described in other videos.. in society most people dont find 100% fulfilllment ur right.. thats why u need to detach urself from meaning of things as much as u can and just relax and take it easy and less pressure.. anyways LEO what happened to u man.. wtf ur in las vegas i used to go there all the time.

  11. There's a girl I love who's been in and out of my life( we haven't even been a serious thing but something is there between us we can both feel it but I guess we don't want to talk about it) and I think it's the final encounter with her and I'm really considering talking to her seriously about it in hopes that she feels the same way. We are so much alike it's scary, you know how people say that there's a perfect match for everyone? Well I'm pretty damn sure it's her. I've fucked up baaad with her and I think this is my final chance to fix things and become official, or, try and leave her alone and pursue my hero's journey alone if she doesn't somehow end up in front of me again. I want to do both and I think I can. Man I'm so torn, this is the real deal, the shift.

  12. Hey Guys,

    I've had this challenge for myself, I've been taking a really bold move recently which would seem like a step backward. I would like to have your opinion on a situation that I'm facing. I am a software developer from Quebec City and I moved to Florida 3 months ago. I now have a job here where I make the most money that I've ever made, yet I feel totally unfulfilled when I'm being totally real with myself. I've known my life purpose which is veganism. The main reason to why I'm here is to start a business to give money to non-profits that do work in that area and help reduce animal suffering.

    I am alone here and to me, it seemed like it is the "perfect" opportunity to start my business since work is easy and I earn some money that I could invest in my business. The truth is that when I come home, I really have to discipline myself to work on my business and I have a hard time doing it, since it seems like the work that I'm doing is so disconnected to animal work even though it is why I am doing at the end of the day.

    I have a seen a job opportunity in California for a web developer at a non-profit organization that I truly love called Mercy For Animals. It has been on my mind for a while to just quit everything here and go and work there. The "problem" is that my salary will drop almost my half and the place where the job is is a lot more expensive than here so I will barely make any money. I feel like I will be more motivated to work on my business since I will be working on a day to day job that will be more motivating. Even if I earn less money, if I'm able to work quickly to start my business, it might be a smart change, but I fear that I will miss an opportunity to invest more money in my business and get it started quicker and ultimately helping animals more.

    Any opinion/insights from you guys would be welcome, I am totally open minded to anything that I might not have thought of.

    Thanks a lot and have an amazing day,


  13. You don't define what the difference is between knowing in the moment that you want to do __ and knowing over time you want to do __. Like how do you know if you want your life to be about games? Or about writing? Right now, it's an impulse. If you do it over years, then you are "going on a journey" or whatever. How do you know, with the multitude of possibilities, that one or the other is more important or more applicable? You fucking talk ALL THE TIME about these things, like as if they should just be obvious.

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