Talk To You Later

A lot of people will be looking like, why this topic? Yeah…
Almost all Social Media users will understand this acronym very well.

T. T. Y. L is the acronym for Talk To You Later!

How can this be a topic?
Wait, I’ll tell you something interesting.

Listen, “Some people are just in your life to waste your time, Just tell them TTYL”

At first, you might not understand their major goal and aim for coming close to you, they’ll come with different things that will make you think you’re very important to them.. But! They’re actually wasting your time.

This set of people come with too many messages which will actually end up not meaning anything. I mean Anything.

You have to discover this set of people and just tell them TTYL!

You should not give every one your attention, you’ll give your attention to someone who does not value or cherish it, you’ll just blame yourself later.

Note this:
– People who come with clueless gists… TTYL
– People who are ready to waste your time… TTYL
– People who make you feel special just to catch up with you… TTYL
– People who cannot improve you with the words of their mouth… TTYL

Not everyone is essential for your rising up, they might just be there just for you to pass through them. Not for you to give them your 100% attention. NO! Think about their actions and you’ll understand what they have for you.

By Ogunlade Lekan David |

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