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  1. Mentally putting awareness into a physical space is actually a strange idea. How could there ever be awareness of something that is not awareness? It doesn't make any sense.

    A question that I've been asking myself for a long time and that I still cannot answer is, what connects all those self-aware pixels to each other within "my" consciousness and what separates "your" consciousness from "mine"?

  2. Wisdom creates the Stage For Life

    There exists only two participants in reality: the Creator and the Created One.

    The Creator is the Universal or Cosmic Mind to which religions refer as God – the eternal, all-knowing, all-seeing, sentient “being” that is responsible for “beingness” and for manifesting all “creation” as we know it. The Creator is Consciousness itself and exists only as a unitary state without space, mass or time.

    The Created One — The Dreamer — exists only in Mind. All illusions that human beings associate with life – ourselves, others, the material world as we experience it, the solar system, the domain of quanta – are The Dream of reality.

    The existence of The Dreamer as “other” from The Creator introduces the possibility of duality (“self”:”other”) as an idea. The Dreamer has been created “in the image and likeness” of The Creator and, as such, can also create within Mind.

    There is only one Dreamer, but The Dreamer produces trillions of concurrent dreams as separate sentient beings. Every sentient being (human and animal) is endowed with a perceived “self” that possesses limited capacities of awareness, volition, and creativity.

    The Dreamer creates illusions for each ‘self’ to encounter on a perceived stage of “life”.
    ‘Life events’ trigger opportunities to exercise ‘will’ – the ability to discern alternatives, make and “act” on choices, and “experience” the consequences of such actions.

    Each “self” generates “artifacts of consciousness” that are unique to its life and identified with the ‘self’. The Dreamer “learns” from these consequences and retains all “lessons learned” from all instances of “self” as Artifacts Of Consciousness. Consider these Artifacts Of Consciousness as the Wisdom of The Dreamer in Mind.

    Wisdom is the stage upon which all “life” plays out. It is the source of all “creation”. Each “self” perceives a material world, and this perception exists as an interplay of The Dreamer’s Artifacts Of Consciousness and the ‘artifacts of consciousness’ of each ‘self’.

    Consciousness is unmeasurable. Being nonmaterial, it resides in Mind unbounded by time, space or mass. When I as my “self” ride my motorcycle down a previously unexplored country road, my perceived sensory experience is presented to my ‘self’ from Artifacts Of Consciousness. An unknown number of “selves” contribute “artifacts of consciousness” to Wisdom which creates my illusory experience as I am also doing on my motorcycle.

    Every “self’ experiences this country road differently because every “self” brings a different ‘life lens” to the event and because the event occurs under uniquely-observed circumstances (example: the weather can be rainy or sunny). Since every life lens is the aggregation of all ‘artifacts of consciousness’ that represent the life experience of the ‘self’, my motorcycle ride is an entirely unique awareness experience. My event will will generate an artifact of consciousness that is unique to “me” and it will also make for unique addition to the body of Wisdom that contains Artifacts Of Consciousness that pertain to that country road.


    There are three comments I wish to clarify concerning this scenario. Time, Complexity, Research.

    Time. Mind exists separate from time, space and mass. Ergo, Wisdom exists separate from time, space and mass. Artifacts Of Consciousness exist separate from time, space and mass. Each ‘artifact of consciousness’ is learned within a “life” that occurs in an illusion of time, space and mass.

    In reality, then, each ‘self’ as both observer and co-Creator of Wisdom is doing so under the conditions of an eternal Now.

    Complexity. Idea idea that “the universe” is really just the representation of untold trillions of aggregated artifacts of consciousness may seem far-fetched to a materially-minded consciousness investigator owing to the sheer vastness of this explanation of “reality”. However, when you consider that primary research in this field delved into the neurological investigations concerning our thoughts, feelings and creativity from a 3 pound mass of trillions of brain patterns, or the investigation of consciousness explanations at the level of quantum physics, then the complexity issue of the above explanation does not seem not so far-fetched.

    Research. Funding for research will always be a challenge for theories like this one since Wisdom cannot be directly measured or tested. The best that we can hope for are attempts to model Wisdom and is applications, but even this obstacle seems insurmountable. Theories like time one seem forever destined to the realm of metaphysics and will be lost in the cult-like communities of people chasing new and interesting theories like dogs chasing their tails.

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  4. I have a question ?
    1st of all just wanna say that I’ve been studying this subject for more than 8 years and I believe in every single word said in this video great work by the way ! and for every single person out there would be a different perspective of understanding based on your own knowledge and capability of absorption from what you know , example: if this video was spoken in German language and if you don’t know German you wouldn’t be able to understand what’s been said for the simple fact of not knowing the language……anyway .
    Leo here’s my question
    What if you are blind and deaf ?
    What would you think would be their perspective of life ? Their knowledge of understanding? Not being able to see , hear or speak , most likely they would be a baby forever ? Therefore enlightened? Would they been the real “Being” as the “True Self “
    Pls if you have any idea or how to answer this impossible question which maybe someone could’ve telepathic communicated to those people in a different level or in someway , it! might sound non sense but it’s a curiosity that I have had for years … thank you very much !
    Peace and love to everyone!

  5. Yes I also don’t feel depressed or shocked or angry…usually people that listens to this type of video have heard all…it just saying in different ways…so relax Leo!

  6. Pardon me, my comment will be hard on you. Your example like very accomplished reader across all global masters however the knowledge you have is bigger than your brain – which I respect –  became like virus hit word documents and mixed them up.

    You are great to be like introduction to two below masters. Sometimes you like lucked under first heaven never went above

    And sometime you are like secular priest, greate for Contemporary viewer

    A) Algazel


    The author of
    The Incoherence of the Philosophers (
    تهافت الفلاسفة
    Tahāfut al-Falāsifaʰ in Arabic) is the
    title of a landmark 11th-century work by
    the Persian theologian Al-Ghazali Islamic
    theology criticizing the creek philosophy on spirituality which silenced Christian scholars.

    Al-Ghazali was one of the most prominent and influential Muslim philosophers, theologians, jurists, and mystics of Sunni Islam. He was of Persian origin


    René-Jean-Marie-Joseph Guénon, also known as ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá after his conversion to Islam, was a French author and intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics, having written on topics ranging from sacred science and traditional studies, to symbolism and initiation

    The above two masters have more than what you have rather highly pristine and cool pragmatic guidance

    Thank you indeed
    Please hear
    Anne Stephens

  7. If you want to know what leo is talking about and how it can be explained in a simpler way read this:

    Here is the clearer explanation yo what Leo means: The "I" does not exist yet it exists because we believe it exists. This "I" is the cause of wars, greed, pain, ignorance, and passions/lusts. It knowledge is what religions have based on but used and believed to by. Instead of looking for what you are, look for what you are not. If you can start stripping away the layers of the onion what is left when the last layer is peeled? I can tell you right now what you are but even if I tell you you will still doubt it, you will not believe it, you will not understand it. It is not for us to tell you because you have to see it yourself to understand it yourself and see it is true but here it is: If you are not thoughts, not your body, not your emotions, etc because if they are yours then they belong to you. So what is you? The only thing you can be is the "I AM" especially the "amness" whatever it is is must start with this, a clue… the only thing I am is awareness-consciousness. There is nothing else, "I am rich" is the ego "I am a terrible person." The ego, "I am a good person" again the ego. There is nothing but consciousness, but after this your ego will continue to to lie to you and you will think you are more than what you are until you journey into yourself and see for yourself. You realize that even spirituality is revealed to be fueled by the ego, but knowing that is just part of an ongoing journey. You are already enlightened just never realized it because you have always been consciousness and awareness just never realized you are just that. Finally, there is no life after death, no reincarnation, no heaven or hell. You are a byproduct of millions of years of evolution, nothing more nothing less. The reason of life is to further evolution by playing into the gene pool. Once it's over it's over. What they speak of in religion are called escoterics. God is another word for nature, the universe, and finally nothing, nothing is immutable, unseeable, unchangeable, all powerful, exists everywhere and nowhere, is in and outside of time and space. Hell is a state of mind, hell is where you are now, suffering and living in a neverending cycle of unawareness and suffering. Heaven is the realization of this truth, of this freedom, and being able to live in the now because your realize you create heaven on earth, enjoy every moment. Reincarnation speaks about the changes in "lives" the ego goes through, you live a new "life" when the ego takes a new form, then your ego builds a new mask and that old "you" dies. After you reach enlightenment-nirvana reincarnation ends because you stop giving new lives to this ego, all that is left is awareness consciousness. This is why it is called the end of reincarnation, you know when you die you reach perinirvan because you resolve into the all, your body disintegrates and returns to what it was, ashes to ashes dust to dust. Simple. Your ego doesn't want you to believe this because it is a mechanism of the ego. This ego wants so badly to believe there is something more after death, because it wants to believe it does. But what is it that would go on after death? There is nothing, so how can anything go on? Even if you reincarnated, without your feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. Would that be "you?" How could you even remember if your memories are not you? You return as you were before birth, nothing. It's not darkness just nothing. There is no death because once you die how is it you know you die? You cannot be aware after death. Everything starts to crumble away. It is shocking and you may believe there is no reason to life. Nothing is farther from the truth, all that is left is to experience. More reason to live, love, and treat others better, you cannot force this truth on them.we are all equal because we are all the same thing consciousness. Don't believe me or others though, if you want to know it for yourself search for answers yourself and confirm it. If this bothers you and you don't want to accept it then continue as you were and stop now. Now with what I told you go back and read everything I said, is it clear? Apply what I told you to what leo said, does it make sense? Go into any spiritual teacher and listen to them, does it all make sense?

    This is alchemy, this is the philosophers stone, with this knowledge you receive the ability to transmute base metals (states of mind and other people's through teaching) into gold (enlightenment and pure consciousness.) With it you drink the elixir of life (pure experience free of the clouded delusions of the ego.)

  8. At what mark does he get to the point? Nothing bores me faster than someone discussing what they will be discussing. Just get to the point there’s many other things to do than watch you

  9. Almost 5 years later, hours of meditation, yoga, physical activity, self reflection, psychedelics and close to
    a mental collapse, I realize fully that I'm God and I've created the entire universe and myself.

  10. Leo, thank you very much – just to get you right: you are saying there is nothing divine. You also say "the system" is designed as a playground. Who designed the system as a playground for "our" psyches? Who is experiencing true happiness after the death of the ego? Does anything including the points mentioned before matter, if there is no freedom of choice? Can you elaborate?

  11. Thank you Leo…! Your video was playing when I came into my room, I had never seen your videos or heard your name until now. And don't you know that where you were in the video and the first words I heard were EXACTLY on point to what I was just a few hours earlier I was explaining to my ex, after explaining (again) to him some key points to assist him in a starting point (letting go of ego) I had told him that would be the last time I am going to use up so much of my energy on the subject with him unless of course I feel he is being authentic and not BS low vibe'ing me like I felt too many times (energy vamp?) and then there were those words I heard you speak and I felt this was absolutely Divinely orchestrated for me to hear and watch this video of course right when it was needed and I will be forwarding it to my ex and then it of course is up to him and or Divine timing to utilize it…

    Thanks so much!!! I am looking forward to watching more videos of yours and am going to my 2nd one now… Peace

  12. I think the insistence that an emotional response is an absolute is the only non truth. I was introduced to this idea a few years ago. Society does distract you. But I've had an interesting 10 years alone and know that this is true. The only dissatisfaction is it doesn't answer the question. It continues to dance around the center. Individuation is real. I'm not you you're not me. We are seperate. There are electrical signals storing information in biological matter inside our skull. However, that stored information cannot be consciousness. Consciousness expands and contracts. Brain matter and those signals are material. There has to be another dimension invisible to us within our reality. It's the only possibility I can imagine.

  13. There is much more to this truth. It all came blasting into my mind in a massive spontaneous awakening. I don't know how or why me, I never knew this realm existed. I stayed in this "place/Time" for 3 months, and found out that there are powers that never should have been that don't want us operating in this realm, and was severely attacked. That is the truth. We live in a matrix, and those who reach certain levels of ability, telepathy, healing powers, bi-location, travel through the portals that are everywhere, will be hunted down, called insane, incarcerated or killed. We have to find a way out of here.

  14. Actually, there has been breakthroughs on how the mind works. When you can Leo, watch Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and hopefully you'll see that we understand the brain a lot more than what we think we know.

  15. So if you think your life is complete confusion

    Because your neighbors got it made

    Just remember that it's a Grand illusion

    And deep inside we're all the same

    America spells competition

    Join us in our blind ambition

    Get yourself a brand new motor car

    Someday soon we'll stop to ponder

    What on Earth's this spell we're under

    We made the grade and still we wonder

    Who the hell we are

  16. This is so valuable. Thankyou. However it reminds me of a few years back, I realised that the “idea” I had of me was in fact and ilusión, and the rest of the world is reality, including my body etc. (Like you state as the truth) however back then this realisation lead me to severe depression, as I knew that the “me” actually doesn’t exist so why give it a purpose or meaning. I became completely numb and emotionless, as if I were watching life go by from an outside perspective. It was a lot deeper than that but a lot of the things you said in this video remind me of my thoughts back then.
    That said, every single word you said makes complete sense to me and I’m now visualising it from a more evolved and open minded “me” and hopefully I will use this knowledge for positive changes and not let it take over me like it did back then.

  17. I see a man in this video who clearly has an ego, and I don't say that disparagingly. There is clearly a healthy sense of self. But a self there is. A man who sees himself as an 'intellectual', 'enlightened', 'expert', and '1 in a 70 million'. A man who feels he needs to feel less self importance and self significance in order to feel a sense of peace. Which is reasonable, but clearly at odds with a finely constructed identity which is self evident. All that feeling, all that self involvement is definitely not a lack of self. I've seen a real lack of self in a person, and it's not admirable, it's just sad when there really is no one there because that person is destroyed from neurological problems for example. That's a legitimate example of a loss of self. It's not desirable in fact!

    The only way you could possibly lose your sense of self is through some form of psychosis, comatose state, disassociative state, or neurological damage or malfunction. Or, through death. None of these are positive outcomes!

    It makes more sense to me to slowly but surely diminish the importance/significance of negative external events which don't cause permanent loss or damage to the self, body, soul, spirit, heart and mind. Don't major in minors, and then guard at the gates of the mental factory. I would add paradoxically, don't major too much in majors. Keep a balanced sense of self. Keep a balanced sense of a shifting life. Create a reasonable amount of personal security by helping people, diminish importance of all things people and events, and guard oneself in all ways. Indeed, guard yourself! Because your self is valuable and you don't want it messed up lest you find yourself in bad places. Abstain from self destructive pursuits and people who can cause mental issues. And focus on personal peace and responsible enjoyment of this brief life. Hold those as the highest values, not to be outclassed by anything or anyone else. Wouldn't these pursuits and disciplines be more generative than trying to "lose yourself"? Why not work with it and optimize it?

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