Something you are not doing but you should?

You already have a very small life span and you spend 6-8 hours sleeping in bed. Do you want these 6-8 hours of your sleep to make your days of your life unrest full? Oh! Of course not, you will ever want so if I’m right. You have a good-looking face given by god to light this world with your smile but not doing some regular activities you are spoiling this. Little bit confused….??? Right……??? Yes, you will be confused because the writer wants you to get confused because he wants you to read this article. Not because writer means I in this is a great writer but I know something that you are not doing, you should.

Two Things in the beginning: BED and FACE
Let’s talk, why I have started this blog with bed and how it is related to your face and what are those things that we are not doing but we should do. And what if we will not do the activities that I’m telling here.
So, let’s start with the bed. The bed is a combination of three things. First, one which you lay down your whole body second is on which you keep your head to make you lay down comfortably, third and last thing is a thing you cover yourself with. There can be many more things in one thing like you can cover your body with duvet or comforter which is better for you, it is up to you. You can use a fitted sheet only or a flat sheet also on the mattress to lay down on that. You can also use a pillow or pillows to keep your head in the proper position.

And not let’s talk about the face. I don’t think the face and the bed both need any description or definition but the face is a beautiful element in the human body that attracts the opposite gender towards you. You must be laughing reading this article! But yes, it is and it happens. With definitions, you may agree or may not be but you need to know the connection between both the bed and the face! Let’s see that in the following paragraph because knowing things around you is an important thing here.

Sleeping in wrong and dirty bedding
There are so many things in this occult world which we cannot see with naked eyes, that includes small germs and other small viruses & bacteria. They are small in size but in a large group, they can bite us hard. When you sleep every day on the same bedding without changing or washing your bedding accessories on time, you leave sweat, oil, and cosmetics you use, rubbing with your bedding. That helps these bacteria to grow so it is always said that your bed can be a great breeding ground for bacteria. Suppose, you have only one pillowcase and you are using that every day in a very small time period it will get dirty and bacteria will start living and breeding there. If you will allow them to breed in your bed instead of washing your bedding you will get multiple kisses from bacteria sometimes they leave even autographs on your cheeks. What your face was for and what you are giving to that. And if you really don’t care about it, very soon you will have rash and pimples and other skin deceases than even your boyfriend or girlfriend will not kiss you.
So, come on what you are waiting for, go and get pillowcases in bulk. Change your pillowcases and other bedding as well frequently and stop bacteria making your bed their breeding ground. Keep knowing things around you. If you believe in horoscope and astrology see which month it is and which is the color of this month is. You can change your beddings according to month as well. Get some ideas about colors of each month like December is the upcoming month, see December colors, and decorate your room with December colors.

Fabric on which you spend your nights
People follow the scientific approach almost everywhere in their life than why don’t they are that curious to know about bedding and sleeping. There are many types of fabrics available in the market. They have different properties so, get the best suitable for you. If you don’t have so much knowledge about fabrics, Linen and Cotton are the best options, also you can have any cotton blend but buying pure synthetic material for bedding like polyester or nylon is not the right choice for your soft skin. You can read about polyester vs cotton, cotton vs linen there is so much if you want to learn. If you are living in a hot climate and you feel too hot during hot nights you need to have cooling sheets, they regulate temperature and help you sleep better than before. Look for the list of the best types of sheets for hot sleepers. These little changes can make you feel fresh and happy all day.

I would say that colors can make your mood happy and your room decorative, so choose your bedding colors wisely it represents your nature, and choosing the right fabric can make your nights comfortable and peaceful. And don’t forget about the kisses from whom you want and from where you are getting them? Take care of yourself. If people from the era of the internet will not know these small things then who will? Be enough smart and careful. In the next blog, we will discuss how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours. Be in touch, like, share, subscribe and comment if you love my articles. If you have any questions you can ask as I am your new friend.

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