I have recently completed 5 different online courses pertaining to life coaching and in particular, life purpose coaching, and in looking through the world wide web have noticed that people seem to smirk, or even dislike people when they mention they are a life coach.

The fact is that life coaching has been around forever in one way or another, it’s called mentoring. Life coaching is a form of mentoring but with the added bonus of getting paid for it.

Some people have said that “it’s some new MLM program” or “they are just out to take your money”. This is so far from the truth that it kind of makes me sick to read these comments. I have worked very hard to get my certifications, like anyone who trains for a new career, and I find it sad that people think this way. While life coaching itself is not regulated, and in fact anyone can call themselves a “life coach”, if a person has taken the time to properly learn the trade and applies what they have learned to truly guide another person, or persons, to improve their own lives, then they are a Life Coach.

Like any position of trust, I find it sad to think that people would abuse this, but it’s a known fact that some people will use and abuse things to their own benefit. If you are truly looking to improve your life then a proper life coach will help you by guiding you with the assistance of tools and resources at their disposal, along with providing you someone to keep you accountable for your decisions, but in the end it entirely your choice and your decision what you do with this knowledge.

Hiring a professional, certified life coach can be one of the best decisions you can truly make to change your life for the better. The cost associated with hiring a life coach cover time this person will provide you, the knowledge this person will share with you, and the mentorship and accountability you require to invest in yourself to truly make significant changes in your life.

By Rev Wayne Patrick Killins

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