Self Discipline vs Freedom – How To Create More Freedom In Your Life

Freedom vs Self Discipline – What it takes to create true freedom in you life and why ordinary freedom is actually slavery.

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  1. Man! I´ve been watching several of your videos! and in most of them i haven´t commented, but Geez man you are such a Helpful Guide, and geez much more i could describe! so Thank you Man!! FOR EVERY SECOND of tutoring in all this situations!. Really Thank you! GOD Bless you!. Love. Peace.

  2. I've watched a lot of people using EFT or emotional freedom technique to release procrastination.

    From their experience, it has been very effective.

    It's another effective tool. It doesn't work for everyone.

    Personally, I like the Sedona Method more because it uses self-talk.

  3. Mr leo i have fought this for a year with her hacked my acvount and i dot her picture this morning wont me to send ir to u.. This here is just more of the game.. The gas lighting game my data on my phone goes to somr mac address and its not even on internet its on wifi, the game im not going to get ghis chance but its ok the darkness is what these people wont freedom influancer, tyler orats yea they think this bs is fun brother…yea they extort me every day if i go some were its bs there is something every day if you anf the rest wont me to turn this bullshit up ok we can im working and this sisy fool wont to fire a gun close so guess what brother.. Yea i heard them run like little girls.. By by..

  4. I share your videos with people that I think would value them. Most people are not there yet. I even told my son that I had a new guru and to forget Bernie Sanders. I know you say you don’t want to be our guru and we don’t need it anyways, but honestly, Leo. Why do you think we are here? Because we need things and we are trying to let them go. For now we rest on your solid shit before moving on. Thanks. ✌️

  5. Every word you said hit hard with me, and words cannot not express how much I respect your deep honest truth. I am a slave to my own desires. And I want to learn self-discipline, that's what took me to your video in the first place. Thank you so much.

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