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  1. Leo you are a Jedi Master. I actually found one of my passions in life from one of your older videos, I graduated from the same coaching program you did (IPEC). Your knowledge absolutley blows me away. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I'm a young coach and you are a great role model.

  2. When the dogmatic, academic, ideological, closed minds do philosophy, it results just a useless mental masturbation.
    When the curious, fresh, intelligent, totally open minds do philosophy, it results the first step to true understanding of absolute reality….this is my humble view upon this.

  3. Love it Leo! What a great video, you got me inspired :). Working through your Life purpose course at the moment, I love it. Thank you so much, I am starting to get clear directions in my life!

  4. The Sith are philosophers too. They may not be virtuous but that doesn't make them any less of philosophers. They just do not believe in good intent for the most part. They feel like it's a dog eat dog world and that you have to inherit their values to succeed in life

  5. You verbally express how I captured education from the very young age, Ja-Vathe-hat? is the people who enjoy the life given and value given. Too many people now days unknowingly stay in that zone; consumers, trend takers and people who don't think in their head. You are smart guy, be the force may with you.

  6. I don't agree with half the things you say. BUT, i still subscribed to you and i love watching and listening to what you say. I will tell you why. I like that you provoke the viewers to debate on what you speak of. And when we have a debate, that means that you talk wisely and complexly. There is truth in your words and you don't spill it completely out. You leave us (or at least me) thinking and analyzing. Keep it up!

  7. Hey Leo, I loved your video, but I think you missed somthing when you dismissed the Sith as not really being philosophers. Im not sure how much you know about Sith idealism, so let me explain. The sith are motivated by the ultimate desire for freedom. Freedom from others, but especially from self. Sith place a premium on individualism and the achievement of power for the self. The sith find this freedom in perpectual conflict and fighting. The sith believe, in summation, that "peace is a lie, there is only passion." Therefore, the sith dismiss the ideals of peace as being impossible to achieve, and passion and conflict as being the only and final inevitability. Therefore, when the Sith see the jedi, in their attempt for peace, the sith believe their attempts to find peace are impossible, as conflict is the only reality. The sith follow the presuposition that conflict is the only reality to its logical conclusion, being that, as conflict is the only continual reality, there is no point to find ansolution to it, but rather to embrace it and grow stronger from power. Their "morality" is basically Rex Lex. It seeks freedom and power by use of conflict and war. Therefore, I believe the Sith are likewise philosophers. And although their actions are not always good, they can be correct in their channeling of fear of inadequacy to motivate someone to make themself adequate, and in their use of fear to propell someone to be courageous. So basically, arent Sith philosophers too?

  8. How do you know if you are a true Jedi? When you say something like-This is not complicated, but it is. Death is death, but it isn't. Life is rough, but it easy, etc, etc and so forth. The former is true and the latter is true, they both can't be true, or can they?

  9. Awesome!lol. At my age,the Truth is as this Your Mind is Yoda and The Emporor. Action/Emotion are feminine. Combining your mind and as a man,your feminine, you begin to become a more balanced career,business and philosophy. Enlightenment is Pure Mind and complete the path everyday I must find the balance feminine of the right or skillful action. For a long time, I misunderstood this. Action is a thinking animal thing without it. Buddha must come down from the mountain. It's brought my dreams to life even when I was broke. Thanks for the mirror. Oh,btw,I have a shitload of NLP and hypnosis stuff if you want some Leo. Drop me a line and put them in the mail for you! Long live you will. Muhuhaha!

  10. laughed hard at this one ,my eyes opened up when i saw jedi in the heading especially as im an apprentice and have just been hooked on starwars , i think im half a jaba half a jedi ,more a jaba on my days off . Cheers Leo that was the best

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