Transform Within: 7 Strategies for professional growth and resilience Price: $9.99 (as of 24/01/2020 04:26 PST- Details)

Faith Ruto MBA, BSc, is the Founding Director of Transformation21st, an international Change Catalyst, Coach and Speaker who helps people thrive during change. Let this book empower you to take massive actions to increase your resilience to change and to grow in both your career and life.

“This book is for anyone who knows they have more in them but needs guidance to unlock their true potential, discover and live their true purpose. Each chapter of the book challenges you to dare to dream bigger than you ever imagined.”

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  1. Ryan Wilcox

    Highly recommend

  2. Tony R

    A truly inspiring book that challenges you to consider whether you’re truly happy with your present situation or whether you are ready to make an impactful change to your life.

    Faith shares her own experience to demonstrate how her different strategies could make a real difference to your life. I’ve been challenged and the practical steps highlighted in this book have set me on a path to improve myself. I am more aware about my strengths and weaknesses, and I now know how I can be a better version of myself.

    I’ve been inspired, enlightened and the impact of this book is truly real to me. I highly recommend this book.

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