Procrastinator Or Worrier, How You Can Get Things Done

Procrastination is a common problem that many of us have. Most people who procrastinate have common problems and situations which make procrastination easier or at least easier to create excuses. Worriers are chronic procrastinators because they worry about everything. This will help you understand if you are a worrier and how to handle your chronic delay issues.

Are you a worrier?

You may already know the answer, since you worry frequently. Actually almost everything makes you worry. While your current situation may make you worry, change can make you worry more. You therefore, avoid making decisions or use the chronic delay until decision time has passed. Perhaps you avoid project completion so nothing will change. There is a security in everything remaining the same. Even when you want things to change for the better you worry about the “what if”s.

Why is “what if” bad?

Suddenly you get caught in a whirlpool of “analysis paralysis.” Rather than think about positives you worry about every possible outcome. Every outcome you can image has a negative end. Even should you think of a positive outcome, it comes with a negative spin.

An example might be thinking about leaving the job you hate for the new job with better pay and possibility of a promotion quickly. You imagine that you get promoted, but then you have to pay more taxes and you no longer enjoy the job because you get a bad assistant. All of this worry about possibilities before you even take the job. So rather than try the new job you stay where you are or you let the time to contact the new job pass without notifying them.

What can I do to avoid this chronic delay?

If this describes you it is time to stop making everything into a catastrophe. By not making any decisions or any changes you are making a decision. You are choosing to accept where you are and not allowing yourself better possibilities. Be willing to make decisions and stop procrastinating.

When you find yourself worrying over decisions and outcomes imagine the worst possible outcome. Imagine if every step went bad. Think about it for a while, try to visualize, and feel the experience as if it were real. If this actually happened, you would have to find solutions, right? Now, think about the solutions. Think about what would you do to make it better and get things right once again.

Then imagine if everything changed for the best, visualize and try to feel the experience as if it were real. Now take action. You have solutions for when one step or two goes out of place. You have ideas of how to make it better. Remember those and take action.

By MJ Schrader


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