Personal Performance Coaching – Personal Growth Benefits

The Cognitive Behaviour Approach (CBA) has been extensively researched. A vast array of knowledge and supporting evidence has been collated to demonstrate how CBA can improve the quality of an individual’s life. CBA is used in Personal Performance Coaching (PPC). It highlights the gap between the stimulus and the response or behavior. Developing an understanding of how one fills that gap is liberating. This wisdom has been passed on to us from ancient times. The Greek Stoic Epictetus discovered that it is not the event itself, but the view one takes of the event, that affects the outcome. Cognitive insight enables an individual to take action or change behavior. Coaching facilitates the process of reaping the rewards of one’s efforts and commitment to one’s own well-being.

What are the benefits of personal performance coaching?

Let us take the rocking chair test. Imagine yourself, sitting down in your favorite rocking armchair, sometime in the future. Then, ask yourself “what is happening?” Write down all the amazing things that you ever wished for that were important to you. Now, enjoy all the things that you have done, the person you have become, the people you have touched, roads you have traveled and changes that you have made. Let it run into pages. Take as long as you need. Celebrate this life. Coaching helps us to cherish what one has and to add value to one’s life.

Adopting a problem-solving approach enables one to clear a path when one is in the thicket. We are social beings and benefit from a listening ear and a helping hand. Coaching can help to put things in perspective and to see the silver lining surrounding the black cloud.

Knowing where to go, what to do and even pinpointing what one needs can at times be a struggle. Rather than bury one’s head in the sands PPC can be an eye opener as I have heard people say.

When the task seems like eating an elephant, coaching can help to break things down into manageable chunks. Learning how to do this for oneself with the help of the coach can be very satisfying and liberating.

Each of us may have things we wish to give up. Achieving it on one’s own is possible but can be challenging. Let us take procrastination for example. We all do it from time to time. However habitual procrastinators put things off or make excuses when the task needs to be done. This can be very stressful and detrimental to their wellbeing. “Procrastination is the thief of time”. The coaching relationship can be beneficial in helping the individual face up to their challenges.

Sometimes the road may seem a long one and working with a coach can help to lift the spirits and discover personal gems that have seldom been worn.

Let us take another metaphor. When in a shop one can be distracted and dazed by the sheer variety of items. Coaching can be an empowering experience in keeping the person on track to where they are going. This can help to restore self-confidence and the ability to choose wisely.

Coaching is not for everyone. A number of other approaches to are available. In the assessment stage, the individual will find out whether coaching and the coaching relationship is the ‘right fit’ for you. Welcome to the world of coaching.

by Janet Harvey

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