Personal Development Plan – What you must know to start working on your own personal development.

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Anyone committed to building an amazing life will benefit from a personal development plan. Creating one, however, needs to be a customized design, based on your own personal needs and goals. It’s not something you can copy from your friend or colleague. If you do, it won’t meet your specific needs. Spend time figuring out what your needs are, and what you hope to accomplish. That information will pay off handsomely so you don’t chase down blind alleys that get you nowhere productive.

Once you know what you’re looking for, with a stunning array of material and programs available, use every resource at you disposal to narrow the search to what’s best for you. Tap into free resources first, until you identify the experts to best direct your path. Gather the lay of the land, and where you hope to arrive.

Minimize time and energy zappers and addictions. Replace destructive habits with constructive ones.

Identify a life purpose, if you don’t already have one, that speaks to the center of your being. Only then will you have the commitment to pursue your self-improvement plan.

Keep track of your progress, so you can review and realize the journey you’ve made.

  1. Hello mr leo im very much impressed that you offer priceless knowledge for free. A big thumbs up for that i have a mentor who always pushes me through my limits but i couldn't get desired results but your website n channel have helped me a lot. I cant describe it in words but i owe you what i am today

  2. Ho you have to understand everything to know how it works I first came across personal development in the late 80s in my late teens and I really did gain results from the inspiration to gain confidence and a go getter attitude it wasn't difficult to get off my ass and put the ideas in motion I remember as a kid my dad explained the theory of why it was safer and faster to travel on the Motorways due to drivers ability to read the traffic at a greater distance ahead giving him time to plan his reactions we already spoke about having no control of the traffic behind us so he would consentrate on what's in front/ahead of us obviously this got me to go on and use this theory as a mental strategy to plan ahead with where I wanted to be (Goal) and how I traveled to it the hardest part is the self discipline to commit, and keep to the plan with a strict routine without it half hearted attempts will have negative effects on attitudes

  3. To get Transformational Results – You need to see the Big Picture.


    – Find People Amazing on Youtube

    – Follow their stuff

    – Drill it into your Mind

    – Develop a Mental Model

    – You know where you're going {Leadership}

    – You know where the Pitfalls are {Foresight & Anticipation}

    – Watch all of Leos Personal Development Videos that is what Leo uses as a Personal Development Plan

    – 100 of the Most Important Principles & Concepts without which you cannot be successful in any area of your Life, Found them & Distilled them

    – Each Principle can take months or even years to master
    – Each Principle is a Tool that can be used to revolutionize & Transform your life



    – Read Books

    – Watch Leos Videos

    – What does this look like?

    – Why are you doing this?

    – How have people done this in the past?

    – Are the Principles for being happy and successful in life?

    – You need to Build a Model in your Mind (Buy in to creating your own Model!!!)
    – Tailored to YOU!


    – What is your Ultimate Vision for your Life?

    You're going to have to come up with a Powerful & Motivating Vision

    – Why are you doing Personal Development?

    You need to be Methodical.


    – Unhook from all the Distractions that rob you from…



    – What are all the Bullshit things now that you shouldnt be doing?


    Get yourself off of Distractions & Addictions


    – Supporting your Vision Supporting your Goals Supporting your Life Purpose




    Meditation Journalling

    Waking up on Time or Earlier

    Going to Bed on time

    Anything that pushes you forwards


    Find your Life Purpose


    – Journal every single day

    – Do it in a way where you can refer back to it


    – 20 Minutes a Day


    – What it is

    – Use various Techniques

    – Remove Negative Beliefs

    – Reprogram with Positive Beliefs

    – Affirmations & Visualisations

    – Watch every single Self-Actualization Video

    – You need an Onslaught!

    – Hammer your Brain with what it needs


  4. I am 19 and I really can relate with your word. In my young years I was so much introverted and shy that I never meet with anybody , I was in my own home . I was acres of everything at that time and my fear reaches so much to a certain level that at that time I was not even watch my own face in the mirror . When it comes to face combing the hair I used to positioned myself in such a way that I didn't have to see my own face and just somehow finish my hair and get out of that zone. I was used to be a the back and I didn't want to expose myself to anyonne . In my early teens my voice used to be so much potchy that I sounded like a a girls voice at that time . Everyone back then make fun of myself which I hate. That time I felt that everyone is above me and I am the most unlucky person and and huge part of these came from my financial condition also . I was 14 when I first familiar with the thing called mastarbation and at that time I taught it was the most amazing that I was discovered . And I literally was became the way to find some pleasure in my life . Back then I didn't know about anything but what I felt that happiness means mastarbation. And day by day I developed mustarbation addiction . And when I was 16 I first got my first smartphone and it just filed to my mustbation addiction . That time I used to mastarbation almost whole day because nothing gave could give me as much pleasure as mastarbation . I went on for two years when some bad incident in my life make me realise that how much far offtrack I have gone and it impacted my study life so much badly that at the end of my school yaer ivgot the worts marks that one can ever got . Then few months after I get over these things I just felt I had to do something in my life . So after my times of failuring I make a decision that I am gone took every possible aspect of my life and just going to improve them . From here my baerd story comes into life . My beard started growing at very young age like in 15 but me being a shy guy felt ashmed for my beard . And back I didn't do any activity so I became very. Fact . So in last year in the month of September I started my transformation journey . Fist I started by making a decision of waking up early and going for walk for 1 hour every day. I continue doing that and at that time I was just started growing my beard and that time I first started taking some photo of mine and got familiar with my own self . Till 18 I never really valued myself and I always ctaught about all the bad things vaboutyself . But slowly and stely I started getting obsessed with my fitness routine and I continued to list on effort and 3 monthbpassed and I and was new year and and I lost almost 17 pound and it was for the first time that I realised vthat I also have potential I can also be better and . On the starting of new year I just made a decision that from this year I am gonna tackle my mastarbation addiction and I am gone started writing journal everyday . And that time when I first started searching for some motivator or some influencer . At first I started watching motivation and used to get pumped up @nd do every work but right after that I just let down. But one thing I want knew Thai if I have to grow some some confident then I have have to improve myself as well as from inside and outside . I used to train a lot and slowly and steadily my physic changed and I am started feeling confident about myself . One thing also on march 2018 I got myself a proper haircut because before that I was so sigh that I count even tell the Barbour that what type of haircut I wanted. From earlier this year I started doing things I never taught of doing . Now I grower a bead and now I look so much confident I can at least try to do every thing.Now I started reading books , lisent to podcasts and I do many positive things instead of just surfing porn video . I will not say I now I can completely control my mind but now what I can say that now I can see what are the thing that is letting me down and how to cope with them . So I will admit that still now I am not confident around girls . Still when it comes to talking to girls it scares me a lot but now at least have the courage to try . And I will say it's my story . If you have read till the end then a big shout out from my sight. Price and have a nice day.

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  6. Your introduction is way too long! You spent 6minutes repeating yourself talking about how much research you’ve done; I’m sure you have done a lot and it’s working for you but the length of the introduction sounds more self-congratulatory then anything else. Makes it difficult for listeners to be receptive to the information you worked so hard to gain.

  7. Leo, I love your stuff, you've got some great material, but could you PLEASE dial back on the self promotion and ego stroking? It's kind of self sabotaging, especially when you're teaching about subjects related to spirituality.

  8. Leo.. I dun mean any disrespects but if you may enlighten me please "how these stuff you're explaining and went through are actually helping you?.. I mean, what to you actually do now "which job you've been accepted at and how much can u make and why you consider yourself successful so we can follow your motto and take that personally as a motivation."?

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