Overcoming Adversity — The key mindset you need to have to handle adversity well. This one technique, if you do it, could turn your current situation around completely.

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  1. 11:26 Resilience and man being Domesticated in the modern era. (while still being wild and primal and highly autonomous [unwilling to or conflicted about submitting to others, like submitting to a "boss" in a number of respects: body, psychological reactions/defence mechanisms, territorial,sensual-sexual,etc)

    "The worst thing a man can do is become civilized."<——find your version of this, not David's.

  2. Leo is right,I was in real life and death situations and I was diagnosed with BPD snd I survived and now I am in a very happy point of my life. And I read Viktor Frankl's book Man in his search of meaning and now I have a total switched perspective on life. I tell myself "If he survived the Holocaust then what's my excuse?"

  3. C'mon man, affirmations? I wan to reassure anyone who reads this, almost certainly lost forever comment, that even without affirmations, you almost certainly have built in to you what it takes to overcome the most severe adversity. I was a depressed, anxious poly drug addict who'd been hitting it for, shamefully, more than one dacade, I quit my career to take an easy part time job to pay for drugs, my grandma died after 10 years of Alzheimer's, then within the next couple of years my cousin and friend hung himself, both my parents died horrific deaths from cancer, one after the other over 10 months, I had to care full time for my mum for 8 months, losing my job, too many times watched the terror in her eyes as she had horrific seizures as the ambulance took 2 hours to arrive. And here I am, kicking heroin, getting my life in order and knowing that whatever comes my way, even my own death, I will deal with it because I am born with the innate ability to cope with the extreme suffering that our ancestors have evolved to cope with over millions of years.

  4. The worst things to face in life are not those that are pointed at us, but at those we love.
    There are some things we don't have the power to overcome, on their behalf.
    That's the worst adversity life can offer…. usually accompanied by a
    need to be strong for them. For all life's breif joys, this one aspect is the thing I shall be
    most glad to see the back of, when my time comes.

  5. I think that's my biggest problem though Leo. I no longer feel like I can handle any situation anymore, I'm getting older, I'm tired and I just want to give up.

  6. Your video was comforting thanks for that at least. Today was rough. I am suffering horrible vertigo and I got the bad news I gained weight again. It has caused me to go from ripped like a model to a massive gut. I work out for hours a day and still bigger and bigger. This is a nightmare as I was an anorexic. Meeting a specialist in 2 weeks. I eat very low numbers and gain weight weekly I now have hormonal problems and am almost infertile. I have been pretty much crying since I got up am still searching for answers. Running still comforts me at least.

  7. Thanks a lot from France =) That was really inspiring, I'm gonna do the exercise with the sentence to repeat and i'm gonna start meditation =) Thanks again

  8. I have been thinking about that book a lot lately. I did start reading it, I stopped though because my mood was suffering. I got past the part where their clothes were taken from them etc. hard going.

  9. Thank you so much Leo.
    I'm in a though situation at life now. I'm have been given a task that includes traveling a long distance with hotell stays. I am unsure of weather i am able to do complete the task in the given time period. But now i look at it as a challenge, and i can handle whatever challenge gets thrown at me.

    Thanks again Leo, this will change my life.

  10. Thank you Leo… I am dealing with something really hard in my life right now and the last three days I had literally given up and locked myself away from the world! I thank you for this video… you have no idea how much you are helping us out here! God Bless (however you want to take that… Lol!)

  11. Resilience maybe could be ingrained in some of us that others don't have naturally. I am 39 and have devics disease. And I view it as part of my journey and I was supposed to listen to the message.

  12. Hearing this, listening to this felt like receiving a great and completely unaspected gift. I really hope that I oneday will be able and get a chance to give something back to you. Thank you Leo /Millan

  13. Leo, I agree with you up to a point. When it comes to things like rape and torture , we may physically survive but mentally become a basket case. There are some horrible torturous scenarios a person can have happen to them. Some are not inflicted by another human being , like being burned all over in a house fire. Some things are just too much for certain people and understandably so.

  14. thanks for your video. I am in the process of moving to another state, finding new work, and dealing with some personal stuff all at the same time. Been real tough.

  15. Thank you for this video. i have been searching for awhile how to cope with my current position in life and how to press through. you didnt mention God but i truly believe he lead me to this video. i have been suffering with anxitey and this has helped me alot. idk if you are a man of faith but God bless you.

  16. Yes, But What a Fecking Terrible & Agonising Hell, 'Every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, every hour of every day, every day of every week, and every week of every month & every month of every year….. Non Stop ! Hell' "The Hell of ALL Diseases" "ITS A LIVING HELL – TRAPPED TWISTED TORMENTED HELL"

  17. You aint going change a Permanently Damaged Psych Drug users health. I tried all this stuff & as good as you are & it is. It is Neuro-Chemical / Pathological / Synaptic & Autonomic Nervous System Injury. I wish I Hope & I keep trying, but Benzodiazepines damage & Psych Meds are OUTA THIS WORLD, when it comes to Recovery.

  18. Hey Leo,
    I have been watching your videos for quite some time now (almost 11 months!) and I have to admit that these videos have changed my life.
    I started with just randomly browsing through your videos (after I stumbled upon one) and later I just started following your personal development blueprint
    I have become more confident, my health is great, my career is on the right track and I am not in therapy anymore (my doc has officially put me off medications)

    I wanted to say a BIG thank you! thanks for making my life (and many others) better

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