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  1. You are correct until ~15 minutes. Being is not nothingness. Saying that gives reason for people to find meaning in materials! "Spirituality" is specific: the Holy Spirit, The Father, Jesus Christ. In the beginning you are correct, but I've had it with this secular-spiritual/existential nonsense

  2. We all have a hole in our soul. Self actualization brings us to the end of self and the hole is still there. We are made in God’s image thus our full potential cannot be fulfilled without God. It is wonderful if this helps anyone stop destructive addictions no doubt. But why not go all the way beyond self.and experience true serenity with God. Love, always the love. https://www.gotquestions.org/self-actualization.html

  3. It was really good until you started describing the afterlife or “void” of you haven’t died its probably best to stick to what you know. If you cut that part you would effect more people.

    I agree people are afraid the “unknown” of death and everything else you said even with the emptiness (aka source, presence, etc) but what if someone believes in god, reincarnation or even in universal knowing where one has all knowing upon death. They will shut you out based on YOUR theory.

    I was going to share this with someone I though it would really help but know they will shut you out and disregard everything else you say just because you speak so in-depth about something that is purely just belief.

    If you created an version where you just keep that part to yourself it was be a great share and one of the better videos I have found (minus, the great dark void)

  4. The hole in our soul is meant to be filled by God. The emptiness is the absence of a relationship with Jesus. Making oneself the focus of ones existence is the antithesis of love for others.

  5. Man I’m 12 days without a cigarette, I’ve suffered with bi polar for 7 years and without cigarettes I never feel the symptoms of bi polar, I’m cleared minded more sharper and focused, don’t get paranoid, smoking use to increase my anxiety so much, I’m more in tune within and so much more active. I’m more vibrant, my dark circles under my eyes are almost completely gone plus I have a healthy glow which I haven’t had in years. My workouts are more intense now, I can jog now, can lift more reps and heavier weight in the gym, when I was smoking doing a workout there would be many occasions where I was close to passing out and really short on oxygen I was putting a large amount of stress on my heart and lungs but No more, I will never ever go back to smoking, life’s to precious to pay to kill yourself.
    Remember smokers, smoking is a weakness and will deplete u from everything and if you suffer from mental illness trust me do not smoke cigarettes it will Highton the illness not relieve it. All the chemicals in cigarettes cause a chain reaction and bring on mental illness symptoms even to a healthy person.
    TIP: Use a steam room or sauna for the first 3 days; 20 mins each day, this will get rid of the nicotine in your body much quicker you will sweat it out and will calm down craving and remember to get a Vitamin C tablet.
    Don’t give in to the temptation people, Solider On!!!

  6. Read Colossians chapter 3 in the Bible to meditate on. As far as the reasoning about sitting still, (see time line at 8:00 to about 8 40). If this were true, then every prisoner or person jailed in a cell is showing how self-developed, mature, capable as a human they are, with your line of "metric" degrees in IF a person is able to sit alone a few hours and do nothing. PRisoners HAVE TO go an sit and do nothing in a cell. So if factoring in "Will" takes a weight in this metric, then perhaps the motives make all the difference, as in a personal challenge, as in a determination to overcome addictions or willingsly take on a non stimulating time still. A rat alone in cage with water and cocaine at one side and just water on the other end of the cage, shows preference toward cocaine. However, if you put the stimulation in the cage like say other rats, a gym, a running wheel, a maze, cheese, etc., you find out they dont care much for the cocaine after all, and there are other little rats in the cage with which to connect with. This experiment might show that having connectedness with others is more important than addictions. It shows that pleasurable activities and things to do within having a purpose are greatly received over diversions to drugs. The problem I belive comes from what science on rats or cannot explain and that is that they who have no connection with thier creator are generally not capable of being or being contentl Its spiritual. Discipline os of a little profit but godliness is of great gain with mindfulness.

  7. I'm here listening to the main reason we're addicted being the mind not being quiet, while I'm listening to music, reading and highlighting a book, tracking my shipment of coffee, thinking about the projects on my plate/spreadsheet – all the while starting to question if any of it even matters lol. Scary place I'm not quite in, but looking at from my "safe place" of busyness.

  8. The fear of emptiness might be related to the fact that human instincts are obsolete. We have food. We can red-tube a quick fix for our sexual needs within a few minutes. It's hard to stay focused when all of your instinctual needs are easily fulfilled. I like how this video didn't focus on how all addictions have a negative impact. My addictions have inspired many people and have pushed me to the very limits in so many ways that I don't regret being in a horrible place only to learn from it.

  9. My mom, father, stepfather, son and fiancé have all passed away recently. I’m 41 and alone with addiction, these days IV cocaine for as many days I can stay awake has been life consuming. I’m scared. That’s why Im on YouTube listening to great and kind people who care. Thanks for the video but I fear I’m too deep. Good luck to anyone struggling out there

  10. Am scared of this guy. I felt like he was talking to me, seeing through me. As if my soul was in plain sight. This man is incredibly intelligent. He knows how to talk to people, get through to them emotionally, he really knows how to leave an impact. its like he waa sent from god to talk to me. This man is extremely spiritual, he has likely done astral projection, communicates with spirits and god, knows his past life reincarnation, ability of some ESP. This man is powerful

  11. I'm on a waiting list in 4 weeks I will be going to a 28-day rehabilitation program for my methamphetamine addiction. Deep down I knew that it would not cure my addiction. In the past when I was into Buddhism I conquered so many of my own troubles through meditation and through this technique. Thank you so much for speaking the truth in such a well spoken and clear message. You have not only reawakened my spirit that was driving blind. But you pointed it in the direction to fold in on itself to its core. Not just mine but I'm sure several others. I liked and subscribed and I am sharing this video on Facebook. Thank you forgiving me the direction I needed. You are truly a lifesaver. I have an unfathomable amount of respect for you. Keep bringing people closer to themselves and naturally we will become close with each other and unify. Much love. -David

  12. Heroin crack alcohol cigarettes YouTube I’m feeling this way fear of being empty and sober fear of being in my own head and my thoughts are so up and down I’m struggling with my life and I’m scared of being alone and being me . I am going to try and see what I feel…

  13. NDE suggests otherwise. There is something after death and we are participants. We do hear, see, touch and smell…and interact. Existentialism is nihilism. I do agree that meditation as taught by Tibetan Buddhism may help to alleviate anxiety and attachments, but unless you plan on acquiring the approach of detachment from all things, including interactions with all physical forms, I predict you will hit a wall at some point. Why not combine some doing and being, as most contemplative traditions suggest, without exacting agreement from others to embrace nihilism?

  14. 6:55 Once again, SO grateful for what this man offers to many, but to "simply sit there and not give into this craving" has NOT worked for thousands and thousands of real alcoholics and real addicts. For us, we had to find a Power greater than ourselves that could solve our problem.

  15. 4:45 I'm really grateful this man has overcome his eating issues, and that he is offering some wisdom to others. But what he describes here — a problem that he "decided to change…and over the course of six months, *I*…" is not real addiction. Real addiction is where we try and try and try to do everything in our human power to change, and we fail, so we turn to spiritual help. Recovery from real addiction is an act of desperation, of hopelessness. Again, really glad he overcame this, but what he describes is not "real addiction."

  16. Thank you soo much!! This made my life a hell of a lot easier. With this practice came a certain smile on my face which is always there. I feel so much better now. Thank you man!!! You are truly the conveyer of mighty wisdom that changes life.

  17. Unfortunately you are missing the spiritual element. (Perhaps the most important. ) I believe unless one connects to a power greater than themselves, the power to change is impossible.
    One cannot change oneself with oneself.
    You have some valid approaches but I could not save myself with myself.

  18. I broke my alcohol addiction last year using this method. I sat in a room for five days meditating before the craving went away. I had been drinking every day for 40 years. The craving has not come back . If it did, I would just sit down and go through the meditation again.

  19. Blaise Pascal said "All human evil stems from man's inability to sit still in a room." As a content creator specializing in addiction/recovery content, I found this video to be on point. Thank you for the work you do 🙂

  20. Perfectly fine video untill you start acting like meditation should be the new "high" of your day. Why can't you be happy working or paying a sport or working out or doing something that is good?

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