Optimism; Pump it Up Today

What exactly is happening in the brain when we have a positive or negative response to a situation like the one that we are going thru globally with the Covid-19?

There is a huge amount of scientific data that demonstrates positive moods are associated with a more left-side activity, while negative emotions, like being angry or depressed, are associated with a more right-side activity.

There are other studies that demonstrate that these brain pattern activities are strong predictors of how we will behave or react to certain situations. Is making the effort to train your brain to be more optimistic worth it? Science says yes. Research shows that a sunny worldview has some very real benefits for your health and productivity than a negative idea.

So, in order to promote our mental health by promoting healthy and positive moods, here are some maneuvers that will help you begin to see the “glass half full”.

1. Shift your perspective This exercise is as easy as consciously thinking happy thoughts, go to your “Happy Place”. Making this conscious effort not only shifts your viewpoint in the short term, but it may actually train your brain to think more positively.

2. Be aware of your personal circle Please be aware that negativity is contagious but fortunately positive emotions can be extremely contagious, too. Surround yourself with happiness, this will increase your probabilities of being happy as well.

3. Block the News Lending your eyes and eyes to the news in the morning news is enough emotional load to plunge anyone’s mind in a downward vector. So, please allow yourself just enough time to learn the news, after which my recommendation is to you turn off the media and instead spend time doing activities that help maintain your health and a positive outlook.

4. Keep a daily journal Express your gratitude to the Universe. Keeping a daily journal is a great technique for cultivating gratitude that takes just minutes each day. Writing down what you are grateful for you will be bridging your mind to greater feelings of optimism. At the end of the day, go to your happy place and with your journal open, jot down some of your accomplishments as well and start acknowledging your personal and professional achievements. This recognition will self-promote a great sense of self-esteem and healthy self-esteem my friends is the seed for confidence. Being confident is being much more optimistic about our existence.

5. Adapt and thrive Practicing mindfulness is a great way to help combat the tendency to ruminate over daily stressors, which is a fertile breeding ground for negativity. Focus yourself to be in the present space, accept the fact that there are things you can control and there are others out of your expand of control. Do this exercise without judgment or thought about the past or future, you will find that it will reduce the weight of pessimism in your mind.

6. Be realistic Please remember that being more optimistic doesn’t mean walking around in La-La Land. While it’s highly beneficial for our mental health to see the positive side, not recognizing the “dark side” of negativity can drag you down silently.

Keep in balance optimism and realistic thinking while you navigate through life. Realistic thinking does not mean never seeing the bright side of life; not at all. It is simply a way of supporting your optimism with the action steps so that you can create a positive future as opposed to being stuck in fantasy.”

At last but not least important, please be safe and be blessed!
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Dr. Thomas Agrait

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