On losing a Parent….

Even with all the work I’ve done, and continue to do, every time I hear of someone losing a loved one especially a parent my heart breaks all over again. ? You really can’t understand this type of pain unless you experience it. I’m going on 11 years without my Dad’s physical presence and here are some things I’ll share with you in hopes it will help someone. I’ll rip the band-aid off first and then go from there….

1. This pain/void will never go away.
2. You will be okay.
3. You will adjust to your new reality in time.
4. Do your work.
5. People will say things that may upset you.
6. Grieve and don’t let anyone rush your process.
7. This is a journey. Good days and bad.
8. You will get support from people you don’t expect versus from those that you do. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes people don’t know how to act in these situations.
9. It’s okay to cry and miss them especially on holidays and special occasions.
10. They would want you to live your life.

My personal self disclosure: every wedding I go to and see a Dad walking his daughter down the isle, I cry. It’s the little things I miss the most: corny jokes, his advice, his cooking, etc. When I see people with their Dad I get sad because my new reality is I will never have those moments. Please cherish your loved ones while you can. Make peace where you can. Life is too short.

Jennifer M. Gregg

Coach Jen believes that everyone has their own journey. Along the journey there will be obstacles and various times where one will need help. It happens to everyone at some point. Coach J is here to be that help.

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