Spiritual Enlightenment – A step-by-step explanation of how I created an enlightenment or “spiritual” experience through mindfulness and self-inquiry.

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  1. If you are enlightened you wont talk about how to be a millionaire. So you are not enlightened, dont try to fool your self. Enlightenment is not as easy as you think. First just get out this wrong ideas from your head and try to understand

  2. My first experience was with the knowing I am everywhere at once. I could see and feel everything on the planet. Then I was in black nothingness, not the absence of everything, but actually the presence of all potential. I was one with all. It was more real than what I know on this physical life.

    From this space I was actually able to change physical "reality" here! I also discovered that this existence is intentional. Escaping it is to miss the moment I choose.

  3. Hey Leo what your talking about there it happened to me. It was the most incredible thing that can happen to a human. Mine lasted for 10 days and nights contiously. I wasn't looking for this, it just happened out of nowhere. I didn't know anything about spiritual awakening. Trying to find out what happened to me was pushing shit up hill because nobody knew what the fuck I was on about. It was devastating when it when away in a heartbeat. I still haven't met someone that can fathom what I know. Later.

  4. when u finally get rid of your "I" your "person" it will be permanent…you are timeless and not the "DOER" of anything…grace did touch u….keep going…when your not there …,,no person in your head…nothing is personal….when u stop looking and throw out the mind made u the lord/self will sit down in your heart….get away from mind stop believing everything u see and feel….the one in the mind that want to be limitless can never be….stop thinking you know what it is and just be….really do nothing…the idea of self inquiry is not to believe any of the thoughts it may produce…the idea is that you INQUIRE your mind made self OUT OF EXISTENCE…..pls stop all judgments of your mind made self…and of anything else…the truth is::: you are all ready perfect..any practice made in time will end in time…you can not find yourself with any practice…as you are timeless u need to realize you are LOVE itself…a timeless now is what u are…u dont do a thing…u are the sear that is unmoving…so stop dont think of past and dont think of future dont try and work out the present…be empty…if u stay as awareness itself..thoughtless and unmoving..to do no thing is to make no effort…if thoughts are coming you have made an effort….the person can be upgraded but can never be the unmoving,,, unlimited one…u need to stop trying to work it out and be it…good luck…the nameless formless timeless unmoving one….well done.. all 7 billion of us are one..u have probably been everyones mum dad uncle and son daughter etc all of us are ONE…even just staying with the sense "I am" not the bodily feeling…bring great joy and PRESENCE and presence turns into being aware all of the time "no thought" which leads to enlightenment of self/god…love all beings…to "get rid" of the mind made me is a ego death…this is enuf…there are many ways…dont have an idea in your head about what it should be…because if u do,,, thats what will be for filled in front of you…then the mind {ego at this point} will say i did that…the veil is "I" all thought is the past moment….it can not show u reality…only in a no mind no identity state..this will show u reality.

  5. I found the ox, we went home, had dinner. The next morn he was gone. I began my search again for the ox but it’s hard to remember the details from the last hunt. Maybe I’ve had many dinners with the ox. Just as I start to recall, it fades away. Still, I hunt, track and pursue

  6. Does it ever cross your mind that all you are doing is trying to find glitches in the brain. I'm sure the brain can do all kinds of weird and Wonderful things. This brain evolved over millions of years, the connections it makes are much more than all the stars in the universe, it is not well understood. You have 5 perceptions, your brain is creating an awareness perception as well.

  7. I can remember an experience of being aware of a soft diffuse light filtering through a baby blanket over my face, a sense of warmth, and some sounds of voices (interesting syllables without any recognition of words, just loving sounds). Looking at pictures, many years later, of my parents holding me inside a baby blanket to shelter me from cold air outside, gives me that "ah ha" understanding of the experience. In that moment as a baby, there was an "awakening" of my consciousness into this physical world. I remember too the sensation that I had been aware somehow before being aware of my presence in a physical body. I don't have any visual recollection immediately prior to that experience of light – it was in fact dark, but peaceful. I think I must have been enlightened as a being prior to my awakening into this dimension – this dimension is another experience of an awareness. I think returning to that moment when you just became aware of being here must be similar to the experience of enlightenment.

    I think your experience is interesting. I think you are seeking to experience the mind of God. You experienced a portion of God's omnipresence – a gift "He" was willing to share with you. The experience of His boundlessness in space, since He is the creator of it. Ultimately you will experience the totality of God's mind, when you are fully enlightened – like Jesus.

  8. I'd also like to say how utterly grateful i am for your being here, for your very existence. It is literally making me cry right now to think of. Thank you. Take this as a message from the universe, not from a human. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

  9. Leo, i want you to realize that you are enlightened, and that the only thing standing between that truth and your experience is the very human kind of doubt that this earthly reality tends us towards. This is a dense reality. It has a certain gravity*. You *are enlightened—take it from someone who has been there, who is enlightened. I know. I can see it in your eyes. Not your words… your eyes. It's clear to me. Welcome, brother 🙂

  10. i like yor aproach,get yor enthusiasm on yor journey…and i bet dat enlightened master is riding about evryday on that ox..but he no longer see,s the hairs on its tail.I bet he wishes he cud.or maybe looking 4 another,even mor elusive beast! Thanx.'c u on the big wheel'

  11. Well Done Mate! Almost made me cry. That energy cant be acted out. You got few hairs but real ones is all that matters and sharing it with humanity! Thank you Leo.

  12. This is really good stuff! The state of "not knowing who you are" is everything! It is THE GOLDEN STATE OF AWAKENING, the state of egolessness. The moment you get a concrete answer to the question "Who am I" you get stuck back in ego!

  13. Not saying this to pick on E. Tolle, but I wish people would stop referring to Eckharte Tolle as enlightened. I agree he has had some sort of spiritual awakening and has some great insights to ponder as we walk our daily lives on whatever path we may be on, but when a person has really experienced the Miracle of being in the Presence of a true Mahatma or Enlightened Master, it is realized that it's not the words it is the Presence of Divine Love that transform a person from the inside to the outside. As you do your own work, your self inquiry in that Presence you find the Path becomes so much easier and you can see the progress over short periods of time. Not to mention your life literally becomes so magical on a day to day experience.

  14. I really like the way you describe your experience; it's like going through a dark corridor and the lamps being turned on! It syncs perfectly with me, thank you so much for the great work..Also, the camera angle approach was so spot on.

  15. Seriously pissed off. I meditated for days (with very good results have been telling everyone I know to practice meditation) and the last time was bad. I was floating or pulled inside deep nothingness..I put awareness on awareness itself. My head began to hurt there was tremendous pressure between or behind my eyes and I felt like my fking head was cracking from the inside out. I held the meditation until my alarm went of a few minutes later. Burning tingling sensation on my forehead. It was so bad I'm almost scared to meditate again.
    I embrace the Buddhist way of thought and the concepts you are teaching, yet Hinduism seems to be the only thing offering an explanation of what my experience was. And this is starting to frustrate me because I don't want to go that way at all. They describe what my sensation was fully but I want to reject this idea of many gods etc. Wtf. Meditation isn't supposed to hurt. 🙁 I don't like this Kundilini explanation which seems to be all about the ego yet my head exploding is described perfectly by this Hindu belief.
    PS I do not understand how you can think your way to enlightenment if everything + thought itself is an illusion. You're trying to trace the source of the source of the source and it sounds like mental backflips. I did not get migraines before this. To further annoy me, I find the only support out there are Hindu teachers for a small fee of $100 per hour can offer me support on Skype. O.o

  16. I just love your videos, and especially how raw and no-BS everything is. The one thing I really would like from a video sometime is a little bit more information about who you are and what your life has been like. Everything in your videos is so relatable and so close to my own experience. I just can’t help but wonder about the life that’s shaped you.

  17. It's awesome that you are sharing along the path (as you say in the latter part). This is in my Awakening playlist along with some very big names in this stuff and honestly they are all just a bit unreachable in a "forgot what this side was like" sort of way. This along with your no BS how to are among my my favourites in that playlist.

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