Mindfulness – How To Actually Practice Mindfulness & Conquer Your Emotions

Mindfulness – Learn how to apply mindfulness in your day-to-day life, outside of meditation, to raise your self-control.

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So much of our human life is passed at a subconscious level, a level below our awareness. Very little of our activity, especially in our mind, “registers” in the course of our day.

“Mindfulness” is being in the moment while you observe yourself. Its power is in focusing your attention on what’s presently taking place within your own body, without judging it. It is incredibly difficult to maintain mindfulness for anything more than a few seconds, without substantial practice. The best way to practice is to start to be mindful of just a few mundane things that happen in your day: when you pass a certain landmark, or every time you perform a common task.

Despite our best intentions, the difficulty in being able to consistently practice mindfulness is a reminder that humans are as much or more animal as they are rational. Many of our actions, and the thoughts we have while performing them, are automatic. Without teasing out the existence — and then the origin — of those thoughts, we’ll never truly master our emotions and become self-aware. Gaining that control holds the key to true personal development.

Practicing mindful meditation substantially improves awareness and has been used in western psychology to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

  1. The way you explaining things is like you are just here sitting in front of me and talking by face to face. That's why i like to watch your videos. It makes the person to feel in the moment and listen with full attention. It helps me to listen really and get the point much more easily.

  2. It is strange… i feel like since i was a kid i always did minfluness meditation without even realizing it. For example when i was listening to music i was thinking of myself listening to music and paying attention at my feelings to understand if what i was listening was a Great song or not… or at the end of an afternoon with friends re-thinking to myself during those moments.. then anxiety and depression kick in and it is like if i lost these capacities and start to searching on the internet how to find peace again, everything started to be confused in my head, what before was a straight thoughts (like a sentence well constructed in my head), now it was just random words (like in a restaurant when everybody talk but you can’t understand a word”) and now i watch this video, not for the first time, but for the first time i understand how to do it, how to meditate.. then i try it, and i feel exactly as when i was a kid… man life is strange

  3. If mindfulness dissolves suffering by "no longer identifying with the pain and suffering "then doesn't it do the same for happiness? in either case you are a 3rd person observer. He speaks of performance increase in your life but that would seem to be based on your purpose in life. If your focus was your company and it lost some business then sure, refocusing on the current business you have is good but how does it help you if your business burned to the ground, left you handicap and killed your family? I fail to see how observing only is the fix.

  4. Thanks again, Leo. I needed that reminder. There was so much stuff hitting me lately that I started to get lost in it. It's crazy how you forget about mindfulness when you need it the most. I wish my friends would be into personal development and remind me in this situations but they usually just try to be good friends and listen to the rubbish that runs through me and comfort me. But that actually empowers it.

  5. Biofeedback and neurofeedback allow you to achieve a state of coherence that is truly remarkable and life changing. I prefer the term coherence to "mindfulness." "Mindfulness", for whatever reason, doesn't ring true for me. Perhaps it only because it's become so watered down with pop culture and sounds so trite and silly as a result.

  6. I pause and start doing the name thing for 60 seconds.

    At the 30 second mark. I said to myself:

    I am starting to sound like my mother.

    I don't know if that counts as what he ment. To be that is being mindful to the fact I am distracted by my own stuff or just don't care when my mother calls me half the time.

  7. I need to use this when I am dealing with my sixteen year old daughter. I need to not let her emotions dictate mine so I respond better. I tend to get angry and take it up a noch or two and then the entire situation is explosive. Then I feel bad later on.

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