Like Your Possession, Guard Your Mind Too.

Would you hand the keys to anyone and let them open the door to your home and just walk in messing up the place?

Sounds crazy but you let this happen when people are able to talk to you with negative, pessimistic and non intellectual conversations.

Start standing guard and deciding to tell them to go away or don’t even answer the door with their rude knocking.

Are you there?

I trust you are getting what I’m saying right!

So every experience you have affects your self esteem, self image and self awareness. Limit the viruses of what people upload and want to download into your hard drive of the mind.

Counteract and protect that powerful mind that is the last explored wonder of this world. Feed it food for thought by reading something positive and listening to something positive everyday for at least, 30 minutes.

Remember, to be more you must become more. To become more you must know more. Choose wisely what you want to know.

Be phenomenal. Be great. I believe in the GREATNESS in you


By Kingsmith Akinwale

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