Life and a mobile phone

This weekend my phone suddenly switched off, and my daughter said “It’s too cold”. Suddenly the phone did not seem that dissimilar to us as humans. The functioning capacity was directly affected by adverse weather.

Therefore taking the mobile phone as a metaphor how similar is it to the life you live.

It often recharges at night, as we do with a decent 8 hours if we are lucky.
When we are lost it is very good at getting us to where we need to get to. Having goals and a clear direction in life often means you find the path you have chosen.

If we have too many Apps/windows open at one time it drains the battery. This can be compared with too much going on in your mind and losing the ability to make good decisions.

Phones can be unpredictable, switching themselves off and always running out of battery when you least expect it. We often have mood swings which can be triggered by something personal or as simple as a change in our working environment.

The immediacy of a phone for communication is good and bad, it is always there. We are the same with our powers of conversation, we can speak at any moment in time, however the skill of choosing the right time and when to be silent.

When a phone is in Airplane mode we can use the functions, but we are not in contact with the outside world. Should we be in Airplane mode when with our family, we are functioning but not being disturbed by the outside world.

Rarely do we go for the full shut down on the phone. This could be the time when we are on holiday, there is no signal on the beach so why not put yourself into total shut down.
Just like mobile phones we do have the ability to control the choices we make in life, we are the operator of our lives.

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By Bev Wilkinson

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