I though a lot about what I could say and what was the best way to introduce myself for the first time to We Motivate People Magazine (WMP). Then I realized there is no better and unique way than sharing ideas through my life experience.

Here it is my short story for you.

My name is Marina, and my background starts from Dance. When I was six years old I studied ballet in a russian professional Ballet School in Italy. I won many competitions “demonstrating admirable pursuit of excellence and dedication to the art of dance” (Paris, 2010). And then, a cold night of November, it took one instant to see everything changing. I was forced to stop due to a foot injury but thanks to that I have discovered and actively furthered my interest and passion in inspiring, supporting others as a Life & Dance Coach.

As Shirley MacLaine says in “Dance while you can”, sometimes an injury brings positive outcomes. You are forced to pause, starting to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Everything we experience can contribute to a positive process of evolution.

We choose how to react to things and situations. Consequently we choose our own destinies, create our own illusions. We have the power to design the world in which we live, and the strength to remake ourselves in the image of our dreams.

Our brains can forge new pathways, make new connections. We can create on ideas and think about things. How? The prefrontal cortex allows us to image what’s not directly in front of us. Creativity is about getting out into the world, using what’s around us, to generate new concepts, new designs, new perspectives. It has the power to remake our lives.

Here is the point I want to share with you readers. How effective life coaching is depends a great deal on you, your attitude and commitment. Hiring a life coach without taking the steps to transform your life is a lot like having a gym membership card and never using it. You won’t get the results if you’re not willing to put in the time, thought and work that it takes to make progress. You always get out of it what you put into it.

Life coaching is possibly one of the most effective tool for making personal progress as it’s a future -focused, ongoing relationship that raises your self-awareness, while taking the responsibility of yourself behaviours, values and beliefs.

What makes us want to do or not want to do things? Benefits create a positive emotional reaction. Focus now on those benefits: people who envision success are more likely to achieve it. Think of the personal benefits of doing what you want to do… and see what happens next.

Marina Todisco

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