Leadership Team Training Is Important

Development of leaders at every level of the organization is vital in today’s complex business climate. Organizations today need to provide leadership development training to the team, not just individual leaders. No leader can do it alone. Leaders must work collaboratively with others to solve problems and find solutions to issues.

In today’s business climate, organizations need good leaders at all levels who are in step with the organization’s goals and objectives. Although most organizations do have leadership development programs, they do not strictly align with organizational strategy, have the full support of upper management, or have a real impact on the overall success and performance of the organization.

The number one problem with employee training programs is the same problem involved with the implementation of any organizational strategy or program. That is employee buy-in. Before we invest in any employee program, we should go and learn from the employees. What do they need? What do they want? What do they believe? What do they understand? If we let them be a part of the development of the program, it will be much more successful.

No company can afford any kind of leadership training program if the majority of employees believe that the program is not relevant to the issues they deal with. If you want your leadership training programs to be successful, everyone needs to be on board and in support of the program.

When we survey organizations, about 6% characterize their leadership development programs as Top Shelf. What defines Top Shelf? A leadership training program that has the support of senior management, aligns with strategy, builds a strong leadership talent pipeline, and has a positive impact on the overall success and performance of the organization.

Our surveys reflect a real gap between employee views and upper management’s perceptions of the effectiveness of individual leadership development programs. Employees see less value in the leadership training programs than management. Over 80% of the employees believe that the leadership training programs are not relevant to the issues that they deal with.

Only 29% of management in Top Shelf organizations see leadership development as a strategic priority. If you want your leadership training program to be effective, there needs to be a connection between the training program and the work the employee performances. Upper management needs to be more open to the ideas and suggestions of employees. More communicative, more risk-taking, and more strategic about their leadership training program.

Nine Meeting Tips

1. Only have a meeting when needed

2. Keep them focused and moving

3. Let the people carry the content; you guide the process

4. Acknowledge and reinvent constructive contributions

5. Use an agenda to stay on track

6. Summarize key points and ask for agreement

7. Review assigned next steps (make sure everyone goes from the meeting to doing)

8. Conclude by summarizing the group’s accomplishments

9. Thank group members for attending and their participation

Source by Brad Hanson

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