It’s not your fault you lack self-discipline.

This time management technique will help you to understand why you lack self-discipline, and how it’s not your fault but rather a mismatch between who you are and what you’re being asked to do. Procrastination caused by lack of self-discipline is a warning signal to you that needs to be investigated.

Most time management techniques are generic recommendations that don’t address your uniqueness.

You don’t lack self-discipline because you’re just a lazy lout, there are very specific reasons that you seem to lack self-discipline. You lack self-discipline because you don’t clearly understand what’s important. When you don’t understand or haven’t clarified what’s truly important it’s very easy to float from one thing to another completing few projects. Taking the time to clarify what’s most important will increase your self-discipline and reduce your tendency to procrastinate.

Most time management techniques fail to recognize everyone doesn’t have the same behaviors.

You lack self-discipline because you’re trying to work in a manner that contradicts your natural behaviors. You naturally behave a certain way in response to different situations. How you behave isn’t right or wrong, but understanding how you behave enables you to better control your environment and your response. Some people are naturally fast paced and drive hard. You may not be one of those people yet you can still get things done in a timely manner that feels more comfortable to you.

Most time management techniques fail to recognize that everyone isn’t motivated by the same things.

You lack self-discipline because what you’re doing doesn’t match with your natural motivators. You have natural motivators that lead you to take action. When something doesn’t fit with your natural motivators you seem to lack self-discipline because you don’t get things done, but what is really happening is that you are balking because the situation isn’t motivating to you. For example, if helping people is really important to you and your boss is only talking to you about increasing sales and bottom line profits you aren’t motivated to act at all. If you worked for a non-profit and your boss was talking to you about the number of people that you could help you would be highly motivated.

Is your procrastination really a matter of a lack of self-discipline, or a mismatch between you and the task at hand?

When you’re doing something that is motivating to you and compliments your natural behavior style you have all the self-discipline you need to get the project done, and you aren’t likely to procrastinate because the work is energizing and exciting to you. So the next time you find yourself procrastinating remember this time management technique and determine if you simply lack self-discipline or if you’re responding to a poor match between you and the task at hand.

by Cheryl Clausen


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