Going for my usual morning walk, my personal assistant and I noticed a can on the sidewalk. I suggested that instead of our usual meditation walk, which consisted of a calibrated discussion concerning the business order of the day, we’d instead kick the can on our chosen path while commanding focused and positive affirmations into the universe.

Telepathically connected, we looked at one another, raised an eyebrow, and with childish grins on our faces and a delightful twinkle in our eyes, we began to generate revved up energy as we raced towards the object of our affirmed intent – the can, and kicked it sidewalk squares ahead. With anticipation stemming from our inner child, we each shared a turn in kicking the can. We faced obstacles of the can being kicked off the sidewalk, onto the grass and into a patch of lightly mudded ground.

Kicking the can for miles, we had lost ourselves in our inner-child; laughing, sweating, and feeling exerted energy within our gluts, quads and calves muscles from having to repeatedly raise our legs to kick the can. Then as the fun was consuming us and the thought of our walk being completely uncommon, we noticed another can and commenced kicking it. What fun!

As we created a pattern of running, stopping, skipping, kicking and then repositioning our cans for another kick strike, we realized that people were walking and driving by with faces that revealed we had helped them to tap into their inner-child as well. We had helped them to emotionally “kick their cans.” Through our perfectly expressed actions – we had given them permission to be childlike again; to rid themselves of stress, worries, ill-concerns, and to provide, if only for a few moments, healing through relaxation of the mind. The smiles on their faces and their echoed laughter as they, perhaps, hurried to work was, to us, priceless.

Kicking the can proved to be more than just fun: it increased physical activity; stimulated natural cardio; increased proper blood flow; infused the body with oxygen; and created an overall sense of wellbeing that gave way to feeling that any task, any lingering project to be completed in the office was already done!

Finally arriving back to our starting point, with our body fully perspired and clothes all but completely wet, we kicked the can one last time safely within the perimeters of a trash compactor; enjoying the feeling of being refreshed, rejuvenated, accomplished and relieved.

The moral of our story – find and “Kick Your Can” today! Who knows, by kicking your can, you just might add a few more years to your life; create positive production in your business; or if nothing else, release your inner child to play.

Find and Kick Your Can Today!

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