Hug Someone You Love Today

During my fourth year of teaching, I had the great privilege of working with an amazing lady, an educator by the name of Miss Bezanson. She taught a grade four class to whom I taught Physical Education. Therefore, I had the opportunity to communicate with her on a daily basis.

About six months into the school year, Miss Bezanson gave me something that would forever change my teaching techniques and my life, although I did not realize it at that moment. One afternoon, I was in Miss Bezanson’s class discussing a student who was displaying increasing behavioral problems in my Physical Education class. Sensing I was experiencing tremendous stress as a result of this student, she gave me something that touched my heart and reinforced an important life lesson. She handed me a small paper card entitled “Hug Someone You Love Today”.

That was it! No preachy sermon or fancy teaching strategies. At that moment, I realized that maybe all that child needed was a simple hug, a sign of affection, which he may or may not have been receiving at home. So the next day, I gave him a “Hug Someone You Love Today” card. From that day forward, I never had another major problem with that student. I will never forget that experience. It was absolutely amazing, a small miracle!

More recently I read a story by Barbara Glanz, who suggested that every one of us should endeavor to make a difference in the world and create some sort of personal signature that will not only encourage and motivate ourselves, but others as well.

For example, she pointed out a baggage attendant who collected all the luggage tags that fell off of customer’s suitcases. Usually these tags are thrown into the garbage. Not this attendant. In his free time, he would send the tags back to their rightful owners with a note saying “Thank you for flying with us”. That was his personal signature.

I decided that my personal signature would come from my life changing experience with Miss Bezanson so many years ago. I would collect hug stories from people; stories about normal folks like you and I, whose lives have been positively changed as a result of receiving or given a simple hug. As a result, my two books “Hug Someone You Love Today” and “Perfectly Imperfect” were written.

The purpose of these books is to inspire you to be happy, to live a life filled with purpose and to take action. As you read these touching stories, hopefully you will begin to feel more peaceful and more loving yourself. Life doesn’t just happen to you, you make it happen. Together we can change the world one hug at a time.

Mike Pickles- Author, Educator and Speaker

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