If you’re an ambitious person, you’ve got a rare gift that needs to be cultivated. Watch this video if you want to know how to tap into your full potential.

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  1. I never comment on anyone's videos, but today this is what I needed you helped me find that thing in which has been bugging me in which you call ambition! I'm so happy I've watched this ❤ thank you

  2. FINALLY! I found the EXACT explanation of why I'm working on my own IP as a creator-owner (fortunately, it's going well). For the next person who asks me why I'm doing that instead taking the "easy path" (for the common sense) of working for somebody else, I'll send this video to them. Thank you, Leo!

  3. what puzzles me is why you left your games company, with all the ideas you had, and then went on to leave the games industry. aren't you dishonouring your talent and ambition? I'm not suggesting that actualized dot org is not valuable to the world, but can't you do both?

  4. listening to this video, it's completely at odds with the 'enlightenment agenda' that seems to keep cropping up. you made a video saying how contradictions will happen and that we should be okay with them, but I'm not okay with them. something has to be wrong. if you've read any of my other comments you know what I think is wrong. what you're saying in his video makes sense and it fits in line with the meaning of life which would be to pass on and preserve information.

  5. when you said about what real leaders are…I have trying to teach that to so many people….and I do have that ambition…and I can shape the world
    The pay off will be owning my own island…and having the best scientist work for me to create immortality

  6. Thank you so much for the videos this is exactly what I needed. I'm 22 and I live in Atlanta. I've always been in and out of the employment since I've begun working in society and for sum reason something would always happen for me to be out of work like a restaurant closing hearing my higher call didn't make it any easier throughout the years either it first begun ringing in hs. Anyhow I'd recently went back to one of my other jobs 7 months ago and since the new year has begun I've taken on an overnight job often working 16-21 hour days tryna secure finances for my business. I never really went all in with my business except maybe in hs but I was always afraid of showing myself. On my overnight job I started thinking to myself of all the hours I was putting in and the more I thought of it the more it made sense to deliver that exact time into my business. I'd have no choice but to flourish if I went that hard. But from the fear of survival I held passive for a few days. About to initiate my walkout days later the lunch bell rung coincidentally as I head for the door. I left but because of other circumstances I had a window to go back to work when the work week came back around. That gave me 2 days to make an actual decision and although I left I wanted to go back as I thought of my decision. I sat in my car and around staring into space for hours at a time for days trying to find my answer. What I was asking for myself would have to be ultimate self mastery. It took me a while to let myself know if I was actually ready for that. I've attempted to go rogue several times in the past with little to no success. I watched as time passed the leave-out time call to head to work. Still I didn't move. I realized my actions made the decision for me. I have that ambition and I have that innovative spark that world needs. I've shown flashes in my early career of my great drive and discipline as I'm completely self taught but I know I need self mastery and that is something I've been seeking for a while. I've been practicing but I'm excited about this new adventure. I'm actually ganna trust and believe in me. I have a lot to give to the world..so much and you're right I'm ganna die soon. My car got shot twice a few days prior and it would suck ass to die with my ideas. I don't trust anyone to execute them but me I'm very protective. My ideas scare me and so does my power it's been off the scale this year especially. I'm a lemon of many passions and interests but I'm ganna seriously disrupt the industry with my next release of clothes. I kid you not this shit is life changing and it's seed will bring great prosperity and ability to our people. ALL. I don't see color everyone is family. I appreciate this video tho because you've helped me stay confident in my decision to keep pushing. I want to live on the road and travel as I please. Although I'm not journeying across the US yet I'm still creating until that day. I believe I shine best with my back against the wall whether in any situation. This is no different if ion already have the ability I find it and the mind. If you would like to see what I'm talking bout tho follow me on twitter and IG @LordLemon_
    It's not released yet but it's coming very soon! Very limited supply

  7. It's kinda creepy that about a week ago a very similar analogy popped into my head: how plants in a vacant lot evolve. Some are bushes, some are weeds, some are climbing plants and some are trees -or any other one with the potential to grow high-. Though the latter must give a good fight at first: to not get stomped on nor robbed of water and other resources. Only after many years of this can it grow to its largest potential. xD

  8. Leo before asking my question i wanted to say thank you for everything you do there is nothing more important than personal developement. My question is about ambition but i think in a more advanced point of view: can you make a video related to multiple ambitions?. I mean what to do when you have multiple ambitions, when you try to evolve mentally, physically, spiritually…etc Meaning how to organise youself and not get too overwhelmed Thanks Beforehand i think such a video would profite everyone

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