How To Stop Being A Victim – The #1 Reason You Are Stuck In Life

How To Stop Being A Victim – Why you’re stuck in life, why you’re playing victim, and how to take back full control of your life.

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  1. לא מסכימה עם התהליך שקורה אחרי גיל 21… אולי האנשים שאתה מתאר צריכים לשרת בצבא ולעשות דברים משמעותיים יותר מלשבת בבית ולחיות לפי המסלולים והמסגרות שהוכתבו להם מראש

  2. 4:44 why is it taking you so long to get to the point and explain what you made the video for?
    Yes it could be helpful but if you never get to the point it’s not helpful.
    Some people will be willing to listen to a video that is this long but there are some that do not have the time to listen to this long of a video.
    You might consider making multiple videos that are shorter; in order to get the attention of those that do not have the time to watch lengthy videos.

  3. Hi Leo, your videos have really helped me wake up from my daydream world and get off my ass to take control of my life. I am currently living my true purpose a little bit more and more each day. I have a brother in rehab that could definitely benefit from hearing your videos and internalizing the concepts. They are not allowed any digital devices there, so I can't expose him to the videos or mp3's yet, but they are allowed books. I was wondering if there exists any text transcripts of your videos that I can print out and give him next time I visit? If there isn't any available yet, I understand and will still share your channel with him in 4 months when he comes home. I can't guarantee that he'll want to watch your channel when he gets back but there's a good chance he'll read the video transcripts in rehab, seeing as they get very bored and are given a lot of time to reflect and read positive literature. Where there's a will, there's a way 🙂

  4. Are there not genuine victims in life? Therapy often advocates getting out of victim mentality as soon as possible so they often won’t collude with a patients story. It’s ok to be victim and sit with it, sometimes it feels quite good. All this empowerment bollocks is often spiritual bypassing.

  5. Leo, I would say I was geared to overeat, genetics but I finally decided to eat healthy and don't worry about gaining weight back because I know how to lose it, victim no more, lost 30 lbs, feel great. I also played victim with my family, parents, adult children all narcisstic. I blaimed them for my unhappiness and it is painful with no family support but I know it is my responsibility to find my own happiness and not let them get to me so I do that now with hobbies, gym, friends. I quit playing the victim, I couldn't change them so I have accepted them and find my happiness elsewhere. It has been hard but I didn't want to be miserable all the time, had enough of that.

  6. Thank you so fucking much. You are amazing. Your work is of such magnitude that none of us in human form will ever understand. Bless you. I'll send you a letter after I have succeeded. Much love.

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