How To Stop Backsliding – How To Stop Procrastinating

How To Stop Backsliding – Homeostasis is the reason why changing your life is difficult. Here are the practical solutions for making change stick.

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  1. Procrastinating is some of the worst experiences i have.
    One important thing is postponed, leaving the entire day wasted as a result.
    Days pass, then weeks, and mentally breaking out of this mindset is seemingly impossible to me.
    It's like my mind goes blank and i succumb to homeostasis.

  2. Funny you talked about overestimating how many times you have done something like diet, then said you have meditated every day for 1.5 years (about 550 days) then realized you had only done it 400 days. Not talking crap, I love your videos, just proved your own point.

  3. I like the content of your videos and find wisdom in it but they are all somewhat of a soliloquy where you lose mindfulness and just say everything from the chatter of you mind. It's as if your videos actually go against the practice you preach. I think making that shift would take your videos to a whole other level.

  4. Hi Leo… If I follow your advice, you are quite literally going to save my life… First, last night I watched your video about addiction and the 'art' of doing nothing in order to allow the 'Purifying Fire of Emptiness' burn out my inner demons…. I promised myself 'from tomorrow', then when tomorrow arrived I failed in my addiction as I have every day for too long to mention. So I scrolled through your videos and found THIS one, again filled with SOLID, REAL. SOUND Advice and reasoning. So, starting from a genuine 'tomorrow' (as today is nearly over) I fully intend to implement the advice you have given us in your videos that I have watched relating to my own personal needs. Homeostasis is very real, and I must break away from it in order to succeed. No more avoiding the emotional labour that gets in the way of SO many good intentions. Your videos are A TRUE gift to humanity… Where your insights come from… You are tuned in to a more fulfilling life in such an amazing way, and pass on your knowledge in an honest, no bullshit, pragmatic manner. As I said at the beginning of this comment, if I can follow what you have shared with the 100% effort you so very correctly request in order to be successful, you will LITERALLY save my life. I happen to be genuinely at the very end of my rope (pun unfortunately intended), and today I am not telling myself "I hope" I can fulfil my intentions tomorrow, as hope requires no effort whatsoever. However, I DO sincerely hope you find and read my comment (doubtful with the number of subscribers and views you have), and know in your heart that you are not only helping people, but SAVING LIVES! I'm not a religious person, but the only words I can think to say to you is BLESS YOU for your channel, and the free work you put into it in order to offer guidance to your fellow human beings… Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!

  5. Leo I finally did it! I've been making incremental improvements over a long period of time in various points in my life and one of my intentions lately has been to listen to your insights intently, while taking notes. The next step for me is considering my nets and reflecting on them.
    I experienced backlash while I was doing it. I started getting tired, so I took a 5 minute break, then came back. Then when I got back, I got even more tired and thought that I could come back later and I started to make excuses, but I recognized this to be my homeostasis kicking in and I continued, until I got to the end of your video, pausing every minute to take in what you were saying.
    I ended up with 4 pages of notes, and I am now a littler more capable of recalling what you said at the beginning, middle, and end. And also, I started to draw connections about what you were drawing together: homeostasis, why it happens, and by the end of the video, I could understand better, why those were the solutions George and yourself suggested.

    At the end, I exclaimed yes, and celebrated a little, that I was able to do that.

    So I appreciate your guidance over the past while. I take your words and I put them to practice, little by little, everyday

  6. Awesome video! Thank you, Leo. I have backslid after only a few days of making a change. I didn't give change enough cumulative value over time so it was easy to fall back into homeostasis. I feel encouraged to be satisfied with being consistent with just one change.

  7. i rarely find any so-called "motivational quotes" motivational, usually i think they are just for positive and somewhat dumb people. but there are two quotes i find really motivational even for someone like me: 1) "one day at a time" 2) "it gets easier every day, but you have to do it every day".

    but even with those two quotes it is still tricky. i think the best thing to do is to make every difficult/boring thing you try to accomplish somewhat enjoyable. for example, pick a gym that's in a lovely environment so it makes you happy to go there, you can also create a playlist of songs you like. record your exercises either by taking selfies or record it in an app to feel sense of accomplishment. if the gym is in an entertainment center, i'd reward myself to go window shopping every time for a little bit after i finish.

    my biggest fear is uni, i hate hours of studying every single day. my goal is to make uni enjoyable. what i did so far is i create a playlist of lo-fi/classical/ambient music that i really love and listen to them to destress while studying. i often study at quite cafes so i'd be more relaxed and not get bored so easily. i can reward myself with drinks/snacks once i finish an objective. a study buddy would be nice, so when you are studying, you'd feel like you are actually "hanging out" with friends even though you aren't. it is also good to find someone who can relate to the stressful situations you're going through.

  8. This is so cool! For me this big change was veganism! I went vegan for the ecological and ethical reasons and now I eat healthy (before veganism I never ate any vegetables for 21 years!) I drink a lot of water exercise and also shop from slow fashion only. And all that stuff makes me so genuinely happy!

  9. Everytime I negotiate with my self (yes, it sounds like an oxymoron), I find deeper and deeper truths about myself and my human nature. It's like self-development is a trap, except that it isn't as long as you start to think for yourself. What's the point in my comment? That you have to dig tons and tons of dirt, study the ground, and eventually you'll find a small gold nugget. There is no mother lode. The mother lode, I think, is living a life, paradoxically, not following golden nuggets, but to use the nuggets to get yourself some wisdom, some true success and some soul awakenings, which cannot come to you in a higher quantity than that which you are "ready" to receive

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