How to Prioritize Pleasure to Create Unlimited Abundance: Ways to Celebrate the Queens in your life this Mother’s Day

We’ve all seen them, either in the women who have raised us, in the sisters who have always had our backs, in the teachers who have encouraged our epic dreams, or better yet in the woman staring right back at you in the mirror- Queens are everywhere. In fact, every single woman walking this earth has access to the essence of a Queen residing within her. Her inner Queen is smart, feminine, powerful, spiritual, generous, visible, prosperous, and radiating with humor. These qualities, in unison, create a new level of royal, reserved for those who are empowered enough to claim them.

But the highest priority for any Queen should be her ability to prioritize pleasure. All too often women are shielding their queenhood behind a multitude of expectations and demands around being a “good mother,” a “good wife,” a “good woman,” and of course a “hard worker.” These women might embrace the “disease to please” through their laborious acts of love. They can be found running out to purchase supplies for their child’s last-minute school project, dropping off their husband’s shirts at the cleaners for his upcoming work presentation, and let’s not forget about pouring her third cup of coffee so she can work late into the night just to attend to her own business assignments. It’s easy to see that these women in our lives (or within ourselves) should be flying around with superwoman capes. Yet, when was the last time these special ladies were asked the question “what do you want?”

All work and no play makes for a very boring Queen. Therefore prioritizing pleasure should be at the heart of a woman’s calendar, mindset, and overall lifestyle.

Here a four ways Queens can prioritize pleasure in their lives:

1. Determining where she craves pleasure: Most of the time we allow life to become so comfortable and routine that we as women don’t recognize how much we have accustomed ourselves to living monotonously. This can be found in our romantic lives, social lives, and self-care splurges. After spending our days showing an abundance of love and servitude to others, why do we not reciprocate that same attention to ourselves? I want you to recognize that you are in control of this transformation. You have the ability to take what you look forward to the least and turn it into your most fulfilling experiences!

2. Discovering how she can make this area more pleasurable: Now that you are thinking of one top area to prioritize, you get to have some fun brainstorming how you can make it more pleasurable. This doesn’t have to be an excessive or overly expensive experience. Just swapping out the little factors, adding in some exciting spice, and switching up the routine can create a wealth of difference in your overall happiness.

3. Skip future tripping: Every time we unveil a deep-rooted desire, our mind starts to contemplate all the ways it isn’t possible (what I call future-tripping), leaving us hopelessly locked into our dull routines. Challenging these thoughts and honoring your desires are the most effective ways to avoid future tripping and access your unlimited potential.

4. Manifest unapologetically: Understand that a desire has been spiritually guided to you on purpose. It’s up to you to take action so that you can call it in and receive it. When you change your mentality from considering your desires as “wants” into “musts” the power of manifestation can abundantly flow.

These four steps are meant to cultivate a feeling of release from all the hard work and service you put out into the world daily, as well as recognize what’s possible for you! In celebration of Mother’s Day, I hope that you allow yourself to take these steps of self-care to connect deeper into your feminine desires, knowing that you are divinely guided and encouraged to feel fulfilled.

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Gina Devee, author of “The Audacity to be Queen”, is a business mentor, speaker, and lifestyle expert who coaches women for free in her Audacity to be Queen Companion Course amongst many other transformational programs. You can learn more about her at or follow @ginadevee on Instagram!

Gina Devee

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