The Trick Behind Lasting Self-Motivation

How To Motivate Yourself – The secrets of creating lasting motivation to accomplish your goals.

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Somewhere between watching a motivational video (very ineffective), or someone kicking your butt, lies the vast wasteland of hoped-for outcomes. Self-motivation is often a problematic victim of vague, wimpy goals; lack of sufficient visualization; or failing to reinforce the ratchets in your achievement.

If you’re constantly struggling to stay motivated, it may be that you have the wrong goals, or your life has the wrong purpose. If you’re trying to motivate yourself to accomplish things that don’t embrace your passion, you’ll never get far. If you’re passionless about where you’re headed, you need to pick a new direction. Examine your higher self and what your true, passionate life purpose really is.

Once your direction is aligned with your life purpose, visualize your vivid, specific, and ambitious goals for your life — the bigger the better. You need a detailed map before you can get anywhere. Picture your vision in your mind and on paper to make it more real.

Now build your vision deep into your daily life. Review it daily, post it prominently, journal about it, check in with a mentor daily — whatever it takes to keep you focused on your vision.

  1. It’s weird but I can honestly say my vision is actually exactly as I am now. Maybe I’m over-enlightened but nothing external means much to me beyond my basic sustenance. I’m already naturally fit (I don’t need to work out to impress anyone), I have no desire to slave at work to buy a house which I already share with my parents who I love very much. I have no desire for romance or sex and realize they don’t really translate to happiness; I’m just so happy with myself. I have a few amazing friends but even them, I can live perfectly happy without them. So in summary, if I draw out my vision – it’s literally me as I already am.

  2. Hey Leo, I have ADHD and find it extremely difficult to get motivated. I am very passionate about my career and have found my life purpose. Yet I still struggle to do basic tasks I know I need to do. Do you have any advice for me?

  3. I have this issue with visioning and setting a goal. It seems that whenever I complete it, I lose all motivation afterwards. I find it unsustainable for goals that require continuous maintenance, such as: physical health. I used to set a vision to have a cool girlfriend, and that also inspired me to workout… The second I got a girlfriend, I lost all motivation to go the gym 🙁
    any advise on this? thanks leo.

  4. i think life is pointless, what after being rich what after being happy, who cares, i find no value in everything in life, even my own dreams i have no motivation to achieve them, i watced a pot of video i read a lot of books but nothing helped me,life for me is empty, with no value, i always wait for something to kill me because i just can't commit suicid,when i see the anergy you have to live, i wonder how can you live a life like this,

  5. I really liked your video. Why do you have to throw in the F bomb? It doesn't offend anyone if you don't use it but it does offend some people if you do. It doesn't add to a conversation but to some people it takes away. It makes a person sound less inteligent. You can always get your point across without it but sometimes you can't if you do. I do really like this video and will subscribe and watch more. Thanks for posting it because it really helped me.

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  7. Hey Leo! What if you're constantly facing failures in the first part of your life to a point that the other part (which is supposed to be the Passionate part) isn't exciting anymore. Do you still feel passionate about being a video game developer?

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