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  1. if I meditate 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening do they add up? I'm having difficulties to maintain 20 minutes of meditation without interruption, should I force my mind through the resistance or should I divide the practice in parts?

  2. what should this state of "peace" and "clarity" feel like? What should be going on in my head? Is the clarity black? White? whenever I try to meditate (I'm a beginner) I imagine nothingness, but nothingness is black? white? It's weird because clarity is a concept itself so simply focusing on this puts me in for a loop. Can someone please help me out. There's a lot of conflict in my head that I need to get rid of.

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  4. Something that helps me is to pay attention to my breath and say (in my mind) inhale…exhale as I do so. If I get distracted by a thought I simply say (in my mind) “I am here right now” and at the end of 20 minutes I feel great for the rest of the day and so on. I hope that helps someone.

  5. I hear people repeat the same points over and over, but it never really registered for me.

    Only when I meditated for a good while did I understand the power of "emotions" ,especially rampant ones.
    I was proud to be "emotionless" 99% of the time, but that was only an illusion. I did get emotional. Where it WOULD show was my PERCEPTION of reality.

    So the brain is responsible for our entire world , everything , from every sound , every speck of light , without the brain we can argue there wouldn't be anything.
    Similar to the state when you try to remember a dreamless night.
    Emotions are also creations of the brain to trick us into a sense of urgency. Only when you meditate and consciously monitor your feelings can you actually prevent yourself from getting tricked.
    Emotions change the entire perception of the world itself.

    Now I had a lot of trouble getting over certain emotions, but the mantra that works for me is this " I have felt these things before a 1000 times , I know how this feeling goes from start to finish. There's nothing that can surprise me, so there is no need to feel this feeling anymore".
    In case of panic or anxiety or any negative feeling like that. I don't particularly enjoy Harsh happy feelings either, they feel too much like intoxication to me.

  6. All meditation methods were first taught to the world by Lord Gautama Buddha 2600 years ago in India. Lord Buddha found all these meditations methods by himself without the help of any teacher when he was searching the path for the enlightenment and supreme Nirvana. People around the world have given different interpretations and words to more than 30 different meditation methods taught by Lord Budda. Bad luck for those who listen to all these twisted forms of meditations calling forth state of mind. According to Buddha's teachings, anyone who meditates has to gain first, second and third stages of Samadhi which they introduce to the world as state of mind. It is dangerous to get misguided by wrong meditation methods coming out as TM etc. You may finally become a mad person if correct meditation methods are followed. Lord Gautama Buddha taught in 2500 years ago: 'සමථෝ භික්ඛවෝ භාවේතබ්බෝ', ' විපස්සනා භික්ඛවේ භාවේතබ්බා' Which means two main meditation methods are: Samatho Bikkawa Bhavetabbo and Vipassana Bikkawo Bhavetabbo'. You may read 'Thripitaka' for more details. Dr S.Wijewardana PhD in control systems.

  7. everytime i meditate i fall asleep. When i do become successful im at work waiting for the radio to pop off where i need to jump up and answer my officer.

    Usually, 0300 to 0530hrs is my free time..

  8. I’m only 22 & I know I’ve reached this point in my life already bc in the past, my brain wouldn’t even be able to focus on what he’s saying bc it’s so much information. But i actually understand everything he’s saying. I was getting excited cause I’m so ready to experience that level of discipline & peace.

  9. I've been looking for a way to get in meditation, but often found it difficult to follow along. However, with this guy, I decided to subscribed and following. I like his simple straight forward explanations. Now I'm excited to see how much I can do with meditation and discovering a new way to grow. Wish me the best.

  10. Wow, it's funny that you said that the hardest time to meditate is after a breakup. I don't know if we're broken up but I got into a pretty bad fight with my girlfriend last night and we haven't spoken since. I've been having a very rough 24 hours and I decided to look into meditation to help with some of it, but now it seems I'm going to try it for the first time during what you say is one of the hardest times to try it.

  11. Hey dude thanks for keeping as they say 100% bro.
    Im still learning all of this and ive been discouraged but you have enlightened me that what im going threw is normal . thank you very much.

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