How To Love Yourself – How To Like Who You Are Right Now

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Everyone dislikes some things about themselves, but hopefully not everything. Learning to love yourself is so much more empowering than micro-analyzing your flaws through a magnifying glass. Every flaw presents you with a choice: you can try to change it, or accept it as part of you. That doesn’t mean that you should use character flaws as excuses not to grow, however.

Learning to tell yourself at close range that you love and accept yourself just the way you are can help you see how unnecessarily critical you’ve been of yourself. You’re so much more than a handful of flaws. Zoom your lens out to see yourself in a more accurate perspective.

Self-acceptance and self-improvement are not opposing forces. Ideally, learn to love who you are right now, and then from that amazing position, work to improve yourself.

Only from a position of loving yourself can you contribute your talents to the world. When you’re happy from the inside out, you exude happiness and can better design your life.

  1. QUESTION, So my imperfection (thought by other people) is I'm gay, so it's not really one thing, it's too the core of who I am. Growing up I was severely emotionally and physically abused for simply being myself, I handled it great, and was still happy and outgoing, when I was in high school Sophomore year when I started my first job people finally started respecting me and ended up being very popular, it was because I seen that the real life (out if school) people weren't as mean and more accepting. So I had a great few years, until I lost my good job at Bank Of America and started working at a gas station and it's unlike any other job I've had, the customers are just ass holes, rude, demanding, just horrible!! It's like that at most any gas station unless it's in a very high class neighborhood, but then you would have more people that look down on you for working there… Anyways! It is like living high school hell all over again! Because of that has set me into a deep depression, I'm having a hard time shaking it off, I'm trying with everything in me though. Oh because if that has caused me to develop an addiction to opioids, which I'm now trying to get off Suboxone. It would be easy to say to get a new job, but where I have been here for so long and I'm an assistant manager it would be really hard to find another job making any where around the same money that I make now. I am getting ready to start my own business soon so I thankfully have less than a year of working here, but I'm just trying to find myself and get happy before I start the business so I can do really well.

  2. I always fall into the hole of comparing myself to others and I wanted to be like them, so when people did things I wanted to do before me, it would enrage me… But why? I still don't know why I bully myself for wanting to not be myself

  3. But I really like myself, I think I am really pretty and funny but my heart always hurts and I'm super shy and feel like people hate me and like they don't treat me right I don't know why. I've beeen bullied all my life. Is this a self esteem issue?

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