How to live a curious life

We live in an increasingly global world now dominated by fear, disrespect, and miscommunication. The ability to understand another is based upon an ability to be open, respectful, compassionate, and live in a state of curiosity. Curiosity is like a muscle; it is a skill that can be learned and strengthened over time. Curiosity fosters patience and inquisitiveness. People that are curious are less fearful, more open, and more confident. Curious people are happier.

Curiosity is a life skill that can be learned through travel and travel stories. Learning how to interact in foreign cultures or beyond your own community requires the similar skill to remain in a state of curiosity; these interactions are equally important abroad as with the interactions with your neighbor!



I am curious and collaborative real estate executive with experience in entrepreneurship, real estate investment, and business development in small to large organizations. I am known for my creativity, resourcefulness, and priority management during my career.

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