How to know if you would benefit from a life coach

The world is full of misconceptions and the terms life coaching and life coach are definitely in the mix to be misunderstood! So many people are now calling what they offer as ‘coaching’ that it’s no wonder you’re not alone in knowing if you would benefit from having a coach. To define what life coaches do it is simplest to start by describing what life coaching is not before telling you what it really is and then how you can really benefit from some coaching.

Life coaching is not therapy, that’s what therapists are for. It is not counselling, so that’s why there are counsellors. It’s not mentoring, consulting or an expert opinion. All these valuable professions are distinct in their own rights and life coaching is its own distinct profession.

Life coaching is future focused. It’s all about moving forwards.

A professional certified life coach such as myself works with individuals who want to show up as the best possible version of themselves by drawing upon their own individual and unique assets which are their abilities, skills, prior experiences and knowledge.

To experience the process of coaching when it’s done perfectly feels like magic! There’s a pretty special feeling that you get when you have figured something out, become aware of your thought process or realised what it is that really matters to you! The magic of the process is the incredible power that you as the client harness from within yourself to find the answers that are waiting to be uncovered. As individuals we all hold the key to our own puzzle of life and working with a life coach can help to unlock the puzzle so that you can succeed in whichever areas of your life you wish to focus on.

Life coaching makes you feel empowered, motivated, positive and energised to be the best possible version of yourself. It gives you direction and focus. Your coach can help you be accountable if that is something that you need. Professional coaches encourage their clients to see their life through different perspectives so the clients can make their decisions whilst ensuring they remain authentic to their values and beliefs. All the brain power comes from the client, after all you are the expert on your life. By asking appropriate and relevant questions coaches empower the client to create the goals, dreams and outcomes that they want to achieve. I love seeing how my clients hold the answers that transform their lives through my Women’s Happiness Coaching Program. By working together we harness the potential to bring about real change.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself if you can benefit from working with a professional life coach:

Are you so busy that you have little, if no time to focus on yourself?

A life coach will help you slow down the fast pace that your mind is operating at to help you consider which pieces are important for consideration now and what can wait. Consider coaching as a gift of time for yourself. It may feel indulgent and a luxury but surely you deserve to concentrate on yourself. If you can have your life be as optimal as possible then everyone else at home and at work will benefit too!

Do you want to get help to create your goals, visions and dreams?

Do you feel that you’re missing out on opportunities and ways to improve life because you haven’t been able to work out what it is you really want versus what you feel you should be doing?

Are you stuck in one place or don’t know how to move forwards?

If you are at the point where you don’t know how to action your ideas or maybe you’ve tried and haven’t been successful, then a life coach can help you get to the next level. Friends and family provide valuable advice and are a solid sounding board to listen when you need to vent but they will have a personal opinion about whatever you are talking about. However, a life coach will give you unbiased and sound guidance to organise your thoughts and ‘what ifs’ to propel you forwards with a strategy for success.

Do you want to be more decisive and take action?

Having many options can be overwhelming and working out which are the important pieces can be tricky to do alone. A life coach can help you work out what really matters to you in an honest and unbiased way. If you need accountability to get things done they will be there to support you.

Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

Whether the limiting beliefs come from society, family or yourself they will limit what is possible. Past experiences can lead us to be wary to try new things. Do you doubt your own ability to succeed at creating something better for yourself? A life coach will help you work through these beliefs so that you are ready to move towards your goals without being held back.

Perhaps you have the vision but the plan of how to achieve it isn’t in place?

You have the ideas and inspiration but need help planning how to organise, plan and put it all together. A coach will help you prioritise and create actionable steps in the right direction so that your plan and goals become reality.

Professional life coaches help ordinary people create extraordinary things in their lives! If you’ve ever thought about working with a life coach then why delay your future success and happiness any longer?

By Karen Tindall

Karen Tindall

My Clarity, Calmness and Confidence Program will help you simplify and create the fulfilling life that you have always dreamed of having.

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